Checklists Drive Carousel Implementation

September 2014 - Vol.11 No. 9 - Page #12

Proper planning and staff training are key to a successful carousel implementation. To ensure a smooth process, utilizing checklists can be helpful. PP&P would like to thank Joan Calamari, RPh, Grace Lee Herr, CPhT, and Melissa Ortega, PharmD, MS, BCPS, from Tufts Medical Center, for sharing their checklists for carousel installation and pharmacy training. To read about Tufts’ implementation of carousel technology, see PP&P’s March 2014 article Implementing and Optimizing Carousel Technology.

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Special PP&P Buyer’s Guide Carousels

BoxPicker Pharmacy Storage and Retrieval System from Swisslog provides pharmacies with secure, high-density storage of medications to help control access, improve pharmacy workflow efficiency, and expedite the picking process. The high-performance system is a robotic replacement for vertical carousels, refrigerated drug storage, and narcotic vaults. BoxPicker provides automated storage and retrieval of ambient, refrigerated medications, and narcotics in a single unit, and allows users to focus on clinical tasks and spend less time locating, picking, and verifying medications. The system also helps pharmacies ensure picking accuracy with limited access, a single source for packaged and bulk medications and supplies, and scan in/out verification. A modular system, BoxPicker provides the flexibility to fit any pharmacy’s needs. Operator stations on either or both sides of the system allow users to multitask—stock at one station, fill orders from another. As a pharmacy grows, modules can be added to the existing unit to increase storage capacity so there is no need to purchase a new system. Whether a pharmacy is doing cart fill, filling automated dispensing cabinets, or a combination of both, BoxPicker can help drive workflow efficiency and improve patient safety. 

From Swisslog Healthcare Solutions 


Aesynt’s MedCarousel vertical automated medication storage and retrieval system enables pharmacies to gain efficiencies in dispensing and inventory management, resulting in reduced dispensing errors, lower operating costs, improved workflow efficiency and productivity, and significant space savings. MedCarousel offers a high weight and line-item capacity to store the right medications and includes an updated pick-to-light system that displays only relevant, task-specific information to the user, preventing information overload. The system has numerous features, with utilities for cycle counting and expiration date management; paperless, barcode-driven pharmacist verification; and electronic wholesaler order creation. Embedded MedShelf-Rx functionality can be used to manage items such as refrigerated medications stored outside the MedCarousel, extending barcode scanning and perpetual inventory management to nearly all inventory. Aesynt is a certified dealer, installer, and servicer of MedCarousel hardware; no aspect of the customer support experience, from project management to installation to help desk support and maintenance, is subcontracted. The Connect-Rx software platform enables MedCarousel and other Aesynt solutions to communicate and operate with each other without interfaces, minimizing the need for external and duplicative interfaces to hospital and pharmacy information systems, as well as to automated dispensing cabinet systems.

From Aesynt 


Using Omnicell’s Inventory Management Carousel for pharmacy orders can help improve staff productivity and reduce medication errors. It also provides space-saving automated storage for pharmacy inventory and maximizes vertical floor space and storage capacity. The Omnicell Carousel helps pharmacists ensure that the right medications are stored in, and retrieved from, the right locations. The eight-fold suspension arm system helps improve carrier rotation, reduce wear, and increase the overall life of the carousel, while the dual-motor drive system helps prevent downtime. The carousel integrates with Omnicell’s WorkflowRx inventory management software to enhance central pharmacy efficiency and also integrates with the medication packager to further streamline pharmacy operations. A full-length light curtain stops carrier movements if the light barrier is interrupted.

From Omnicell, Inc. 

PHARMOVATIVE’s InnoStore VC automated vertical carousel, combined with its PharMax inventory management software, is cost-effective and helps optimize pharmacy operations. PharMax works with existing pharmacy systems to prioritize the drug fulfillment process. The integrated system increases inventory turns and accuracy while reducing picking time, turnaround times, and inventory levels by 25% to 35%. The software manages inventory levels and locations within the automated vertical carousel system, as well as in static shelving, refrigerators, stockrooms, and satellites. Integrated bar code scanners and pick-to-light technologies direct the operator to the exact pick location, indicate the quantity to pick, and then scan verify for maximum accuracy.


The ComboCell and Clean Room Connect carousels from Grifols USA, LLC, provide a safe, efficient, and secure hospital pharmacy inventory management system. The automated carousel tech-nology offers point-of-use retrieval for medication. The integrated software enables access, control, and tracking to optimize inventory management; the clean room version includes BUD, lot number and sterility test management, sequester stage, pharmacist validation and release for distribution process. The clean room version is available with Class 8 or Class 7 HEPA filtration and pass-through design. The carousels also feature dual chambers, as well as refrigerated and ambient temperature storage. RFID features are available for perpetual real-time inventory and transactions tracking.

From Grifols


Talyst’s AutoCarousel HD provides heavy-duty, secure automated storage for all medications. Driven by AutoPharm Enterprise software, the carousel offers inventory control, enhanced workflow efficiency, and improved patient safety. The carousels are accurate, and their efficient vertical design ensures maximum storage in a compact footprint. The AutoCarousel HD comes with a 10-year guarantee and is offered in a variety of sizes to meet pharmacy’s operational needs. The refrigerated AutoCarousel HD is a secure, automated storage and pharmacy-grade refrigeration system that ensures medications are kept at a safe temperature with the AutoPharm Enterprise inventory system. It is designed with reliability, ease of use, and flexibility. The refrigerated AutoCarousel HD is ideal for health systems that need to store items in a temperature-controlled environment. Additional benefits include improved patient safety, precise control and access, and enhanced efficiency.

From Talyst


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