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Tabletop and Liquid Unit Dose Packaging Machines

December 2014 - Vol.11 No. 12 - Page #28

Special PP&P Buyer’s Guide 

The ATP-71 from TCGRx is a versatile and comprehensive tabletop packaging unit that contains both a traditional tabletop feeding mechanism and 71 medication canisters that can be dispensed automatically. Canisters can be self-calibrated using a calibration kit, and, if dispensing a fast moving medication, the canisters can be grouped together to help reduce labor spent on canister refills and the manual feeding of the tabletop. The ATP-71 comes on a cart that allows the user to fill the unit at a convenient work height. Also, the unit dispenses medications in an easy-to-open package that features a serrated edge. The packager can be operated with or without an interface; interfaces are available for both the pharmacy information system and medication cabinets. Interfacing with a medication cabinet can facilitate automatic replenishment and reduce floor stock, as well as pre-packaged stock. With canister and interface capability, the ATP-71 can help reduce labor and have a positive impact on inventory and workflow.

From TCGRx

MPI’s Fluidose Series 5-H unit dose packaging system is an automated bar coding packaging solution for unit dose oral liquid medication that assists the hospital pharmacy in decreasing costs, increasing operational efficiency, and reducing medication errors. Depending on fill rate and viscosity of oral liquid medication, the system can produce up to 22 doses per minute and packages in three cup sizes (15 mL, 25 mL, 35 mL). The cups are made of FDA-approved high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and MPI offers in-stock amber, blue, red, and yellow cups to enable color-coding of controlled or refrigerated medications. The Fluidose Series 5-H complies with Joint Commission regulations for dispensing oral liquid medication and includes MPI’s Pak-EDGE UD Windows-based software, which is optionally integrated with First DataBank drug data, imprints, and image library. Pak-EDGE provides the ability to produce any 2D or linear bar configuration on the unit dose package. Touch screen controls are easily accessible to manage packaging operations, including setting volume limits, sealing temperature and limits, draw/dispense rates, and pump/index dwells. The product includes a model #9300E-Ethernet port ready printer with 300 dpi resolution.

From Medical Packaging Inc 


The MTS-350 Automated Filling and Sealing System from MTS Medication Technologies is a versatile tabletop solution for the medium volume pharmacy. The durable, semi-automated filler and sealer is capable of packaging a wide range of oral solid medications. The MTS-350 consists of a variable speed filling system and an automated high-pressure sealing unit. The filling system can be modified to accommodate a variety of medication sizes and shapes, and is designed for quick tool-less changeover between medications. The MTS unit dose foil labeling system produces high-quality bar code scannable label sheets quickly and easily. The Windows-based software is reliable and user-friendly. Users simply scan the medication’s NDC bar code, and the system prompts them to enter the lot number and expiration date. Additional data entry is also possible, including alternate drug names and customized fields. 

From MTS Medication Technologies

PHARMOVATIVE’S iPackRx Unit Dose Packager uses an in-line bar code reader to verify the bar code on every package. Its “no crush” technology helps eliminate crushed tablets and capsules. The product allows users to pick from four package lengths with a simple click of the mouse. Featuring a pill drop sensor, patented universal feed disks, and advanced design and engineering, the iPackRx was engineered to overcome packaging shortcomings. 



The Vantage Speedy Wet Cadet from Accu-Chart Plus Healthcare Systems  is a fully automatic unit dose liquid packaging machine with packaging speeds up to 32 doses per minute in a 15-cc or 30-cc cup size. Each package has room for more than 11 easy-to-read lines of text, printed with thermal transfer printing for durable, long lasting images. The new Windows software includes any Windows font, bold text, 16 different linear bar codes, and 4 different 2D bar codes, including Datamatrix. The product includes bar code scanner, material sensors, and fingerprint ID for added security. The Wet Cadet is 15 inches D x 24 inches H x 38 inches W and weighs 120 pounds.

From Accu-Chart Plus Healthcare Systems, Inc


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