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January 2015 : Resource Guide - Vol. 12 No. 1 - Page #1

Pharmacy is certainly a unique profession. Rare is the position with job responsibilities that encompasses such a vast array of areas. From efficient inventory management to safe HD compounding, from temperature monitoring to managing 340B medications, from troubleshooting packaging machines to designing a compliant cleanroom, pharmacy leaders are tasked with developing expertise in an incredibly broad range of issues. This can only be accomplished by simultaneously keeping abreast of all the attendant tools and technologies available to assist with these responsibilities.

Knowing where to go to get answers for your latest, pressing questions is half the battle, and at PP&P we are happy to assist you in that endeavor. PP&P’s 11th annual Resource Guide delivers easy access to over 150 companies that provide products and services to help improve the safety and efficacy of the many services pharmacy provides. With new products entering the marketplace at a rapid clip and companies being spun off or acquired, it can be a challenge to keep track of the best sources for the products you need. Our Resource Guide can simplify that process for you.

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