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Special PP&P Buyer's Guide Tabletop Unit Dose Packaging Machines

March 2015 - Vol.12 No. 3 - Page #10

Aesynt Basic and Standard Bulk Packagers are ideal tabletop packaging options for hospitals utilizing Aesynt’s central pharmacy and point-of-care automation. These packagers use the Connect-Rx platform and formulary database, eliminating the need to maintain a redundant packaging formulary and incrementing packaged inventory quantities, automatically. Packaging is user-controlled, driven by bar code scanning of bulk products, and fully logged and reportable. Packaging lot numbers are maintained within Connect-Rx to help expedite product identification and retrieval in the event of a recall. These bulk packagers utilize direct thermal printing, and the packaging materials meet USP class-A permeability standards, providing expiration dating of up to 1 year from the date of packaging. With clear and amber media available, the standard bulk packager produces ROBOT-Rx ready packaging, as well as smaller packages suitable for use in cabinets and other inventory areas. Both packagers can produce perforated and cut strips or individually cut packages.

Aesynt, Inc
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The Auto-Print is a semi-automated, tabletop, oral solid, unit dose packaging system designed to help increase operational efficiency and decrease medication errors. The system is capable of bar coding and packaging tablets and capsules into unit-dose at a rate of 60 packages per minute. Additional functionality for specialized packaging is available through the optional Oral Solid Feeder (OSF) attachment, adjustable length packaging option, and optional bar code verifier attachment, which automatically scans each package as a final check after the packaging is completed. 

The final unit dose package produced by MPI’s Auto-print is composed of Auto-Print Supertherm and Auto-Print Supercel, which are compliant with FDA regulations for packaging. The device includes Pak-Edge bar code labeling software, which generates and prints all linear and 2D bar codes, and includes an advanced bar code builder to create custom bar codes. The software is optimally integrated with First Databank drug data, imprints, and an images library.

Medical Packaging Inc
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The FastPak TableTop oral solid packaging and bar coding system is a compact, unit dose solution capable of serving as the pharmacy’s primary packaging automation system, as a complementary addition to other unit dose packaging systems, or as a readily available backup solution. The packager’s software incorporates bar code scanning of medication bulk bottles and includes images of medications being packaged to ensure accuracy. Even with a small footprint, the packager can accommodate large tablets and gel caps, helping to increase the capacity of automated dispensing cabinets. The optional AutoPack auto feeding device is recommended for runs of 600 packages or more. In addition to bar coding verification after the packaging process, verification can be done during the process to ensure readability before the completion of large runs. Capable of producing up to 80 bar coded packages per minute, the device weighs 175 lbs (optional AutoPack weighs 30 lbs) and measures 14 x 46 x 24 inches. Packagers include the FastPak TableTop software, Microsoft Windows XP client with keyboard and mouse, touch screen monitor, bar code scanner, UPS, and a biometric reader. Available bar code formats are 2D and linear.

 AmerisourceBergen Corporation
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The AccuPrint 600 is a thermal transfer, auxiliary label printer featuring 600-dpi print resolution, 4.3-inch print width, and a print speed of up to 2 inches per second. Ideal for linear and 2D bar codes, including data matrix, the unit’s 600-dpi printing allows for clear, easy-to-read labels, even for small formats. This solution also can be used for on-demand printing of one or more labels for blisters and other drugs that cannot be packaged with solid unit dose packaging machines. The system includes label design software with reporting capability.

Accu-Chart Plus Healthcare Systems, Inc
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The ATP-71 from TCGRx is a versatile and comprehensive tabletop packaging unit that contains both a traditional tabletop feeding mechanism and 71 medication canisters, which can be dispensed automatically. Canisters can be self-calibrated using a calibration kit, and if dispensing a fast-moving medication, the canisters can be grouped together to help reduce labor for canister refills and the manual feeding of the tabletop. The ATP-71 comes on a cart that allows the user to fill the unit at a convenient work height, and the unit dispenses medications in an easy-to-open package that features a serrated edge. The packaging unit can be operated with or without an interface, and is available for both the pharmacy information system and medication cabinets. Interfacing with a medication cabinet can facilitate automatic replenishment and reduce floor stock, as well as pre-packaged stock. With canister capability and interface capability, the ATP-71 can help reduce labor and have a positive impact on inventory and workflow.

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The Cadet Twin 2x2 Vantage can accommodate larger package sizes for the variety of oral solid sizes now available. The device can package 120 units per minute (at the 1.56 x 2 inch package size), with a total of six standard package size options. Complete material sensors and thermal transfer printing come standard, with a 300 dpi printing head for both 2D and linear bar codes. The system’s software package allows the user to customize packaging for specific requirements. Included is the fingerprint reader, pill camera, and bar code scanner, with a 1-year parts and labor warranty on all equipment.

Euclid Spiral Paper Tube Company
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