Outsourced Compounding

April 2015 : State of Pharmacy Compounding - Vol.12 No. 4 - Page #38
Category: Outsourced Compounding Services (503B)

In response to regulatory pressure to increase oversight of outsourced vendors, many pharmacy directors have chosen to consolidate their outsourcing to one or two vendors. The fallout from the numerous recalls that followed on the heels of the NECC tragedy continues to impact outsourcing practices. While the number of facilities moving all of their compounding in-house appears to have leveled off, many facilities continue to curtail the amount of preparations they outsource. Most pharmacy directors have established guidelines for vendor selection, are involved in reviewing the outsourcing contracts, and report very few issues with outsourced product quality. Pharmacy directors also give very high marks to their vendors; 99% are satisfied with their outsourced vendor. 

As we do every year, we invite you to take advantage of our Compounding Slide Kit. Pharmacy Purchasing & Products is happy to provide much of the data you find on the following pages as PowerPoint slides. You are welcome to use this data in your own presentations; we hope it serves as a valuable support as you make the case for additional investments at your facility. And you are certainly welcome to incorporate the data into presentations you may make externally to educate your colleagues on compounding opportunities they may be considering. Simply access the slides on our website (www.pppmag.com/slides).



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