Trends in Medication Refrigeration

December 2015 - Vol.12 No. 12 - Page #6
Category: Refrigerators & Freezers

As part of its annual State of Pharmacy Automation survey, PP&P queried pharmacy management nationwide about their adoption of pharmacy grade refrigerators and freezers. Fueled by regulatory requirements and accreditation expectations, the popularity of these units has increased steadily over the past few years and they are now pervasive in even the smallest institutions. The risks (and aggravation) resulting from storing medications in out-of-range environments are just too great. Nevertheless, although the vast majority of hospitals have invested in these substantially higher quality units, much of this investment has been concentrated within the pharmacy. On the units, most facilities continue to use a mix of pharmacy grade and standard non-medical grade refrigerators, leaving one to ponder the integrity of the products once they leave the pharmacy environ.

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