Outpatient Pharmacy Renovation

March 2016 - Vol.13 No. 3 - Page #20

The Valley Hospital’s Luckow Pavilion outpatient center, located in Paramus, NJ, houses a cancer center providing same-day surgery, pain management services, chemotherapy, and is one of the busiest radiation oncology services in the state. The on-site retail pharmacy is staffed by three pharmacists, three pharmacy technicians, and one additional staff member, and operates from 7:30AM to 5:30PM Monday through Friday, and from 8AM to 1PM on Saturday.

Earlier this year, we implemented a strategy to incentivize all employees who are covered under the health system’s medical plan to fill their prescriptions at the Valley Health Pharmacy, by offering reduced copays. Within the first month, pharmacy volume increased 30%. Currently, the pharmacy dispenses 3700 prescriptions each month. Over the next few years, the Valley Health System anticipates significant growth that will increase the demand for services.

To prepare for this increased volume, the pharmacy was renovated in 2015 to increase its square footage, thus providing more space for medication preparation and storage. An additional goal was to increase the aesthetic appeal of the pharmacy in an effort to increase foot traffic and prescription volume. The renovated retail pharmacy has significantly improved workflow and facilitated more efficient medication preparation. See PHOTOS below for specific elements of the pharmacy renovation.

Carlo Lupano, RPh, MBA, is the pharmacy manager for ambulatory services at The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, New Jersey.


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