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January 2007 - Vol. 4 No. 1

New Modular Cleanrooms
Travis CleanAir announces the ISO Class 7 certified T-Mod 797 cleanroom, designed to comply with USP <797> regulations. Features of the T-Mod include a floor-to-ceiling barrier to control the environment inside the room, large viewing windows, custom room lengths in 3-foot increments (as small as 6-by-6 feet), smooth interior walls and radius corners for easy cleaning, 7-foot-10-inch standard height to accommodate 8-foot ceilings, and an optional pass-through for transferring medicine and devices. In addition, the T-Mod 797 is available in a choice of colors, allowing users to complement their de?cor or corporate branding.
Travis CleanAir

Compounding Aseptic Isolator
The Baker Company announces the SterilSHIELD 800 Compounding Aseptic Isolator model SS800 — a positive pressure work area for pharmacy applications. The unit is designed specifically for the aseptic compounding of nonhazardous drugs. The SS800 provides two separate double-glove work chambers connected by an internal pass-through door, allowing hand-offs between two technicians during multi-step compounding activities. In addition, the internal pass-through door can be closed, allowing each chamber to operate as a stand-alone single technician (two-glove) isolator. The SS800 utilizes laminar airflow within each of the main work chambers and the pass-through chambers for rapid removal of contaminants. The SS800 is also equipped with special features for user comfort, such as a slanted view screen, adjustable stand, a non-glare work surface, and oval glove ports.
The Baker Company

TPN Compounding System
B. Braun launches the PINNACLE TPN Management System, which can prepare 1 L of TPN formulation in less than one minute. PINNACLE developers worked closely with national drug compatibility expert Lawrence Trissel, RPh, to incorporate a simple method of addressing calcium/phosphate compatibilities in order to reduce potential errors. To help streamline the TPN-preparation process further, the PINNACLE system incorporates CPOE and pharmacist approval capabilities, as well as bar coded TPN containers that work with bar code-compatible infusion devices, helping to ensure delivery of the right TPN formula to the right patient. PINNACLE also produces extensive compounding reports that indicate specific user and facility productivity. PINNACLE can aid in <797> compliance with customizable daily checklists and the ability to monitor and track the TPN preparation process.
B. Braun Medical Inc.

Disposable IV Additive
Aids EPS releases three disposable IV additive aids to help practitioners reconstitute and dispense medication. The company now offers two filter needles, with 18and 20-gauge needles (1.5 inches), for use with multi-dose IV vials. EPS’ filter aspirator, with a 3-inch blunt needle, has been designed for administering and dispensing medication from ampoules. Both the filter needles and the filter aspirator have 5-micron filters to minimize particulates. The special sintered design of the stainless-steel, 5-micron filter can retain particles on its surface and throughout its sponge-like construction. The rigid filter aspirator has been constructed to more efficiently evacuate medication from ampoules. The aspirator tube’s blunt end can minimize the risk of injecting a medication through a bag’s or bottle’s port.
EPS, Inc.

Secure Access to Medication Refrigerators and Freezers
Sanyo Scientific introduces the Lab Center Electronic Access Control-1000B (EAC-1000B), a lock with a motor-driven latch that can be surface-mounted to fit many brands and models of refrigerators, allowing pharmacists to secure highcost and high-risk refrigerated medications. The electronic lock is controlled by a keypad with a non-volatile memory that stores 250 user IDs and an audit trail of 1,500 access attempts with date, time, and user ID. Also available is a unit with a magnetic stripe pod for secure confirmations with existing magnetic stripe cards. For proximity card users, Sanyo offers an EAC-1000B unit with a proximity HID pod. Sanyo offers optional Windows-based software that allows the viewing and downloading of audit trails on single lock or multiple locks. Additionally, the Lockview software features a platform for creating, controlling, and customizing rights to users.
Sanyo Scientific

Showstoppers from the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting
Because we know how difficult it can be to visit every booth and carefully evaluate the variety of products on the exhibit floor, PP&P is highlighting some of our favorite products from the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in Anaheim, California.

Pump-Programming Software
Smiths Medical’s CADD-Sentry Pro Medication Safety Software can minimize pump-programming errors by allowing clinicians to safely and accurately program pain management infusion pumps from standardized pain therapy protocolsinthehospital’scomputernetwork.The softwarealsoincorporatesseveralsafetyfeatures,suchasbarcode medication verification and a second nurse verification function to ensure a second nurse reviews the pump programming prior to starting an infusion.
Smiths Medical MD, Inc.

Robotic IV Automation
The RIVA system automates IV preparation in compliance with USP <797> and other regulations. RIVA has been designed to safely prepare both non-hazardous and hazardous drugs. Integrated with the pharmacy information system, RIVA fulfills pharmacist-approved medication orders in a fully enclosed ISO Class 5 environment with continuous air particle monitoring. RIVA prepares syringes from 1 to 60 mL, and bags from 50 to 1000 mL, and reconstitutes drug vials from 1 mL to 100 mL. A permanent electronic record is created with every preparation, and customized labels are affixed to preparations inside the device. RIVA can prepare both batch and patient-specific orders, and production can be stopped at any time for STAT orders.
Intelligent Hospitals Ltd.

New Medication Workstation
Flo expands its 2000 series of medication workstations with the addition of the Flo 2700, designed for the accurate and efficient dispensing of medications at the point of care. With customizable storage configurations and locking options and a compact footprint, the workstation ships fully assembled.
Flo Healthcare

Access-Controlled, Refrigerated Storage
Talyst releases the AutoCool for access-controlled, refrigerated storage integrated with a pharmacy’s real-time inventory system. The AutoCool is driven by Talyst’s AutoPharm software platform, which integrates pharmacy bar coding, storage, inventory, ordering, and clinical systems. AutoCool provides access to 84 separate compartments, each of which can be used for single or multiple doses of refrigerated medications. Those compartments are automatically rotated to appear behind seven secured doors with automated lock releases and lighted indicators. Other features and functions include an audit trail for all storage and retrieval activities, pick-to-light indicators to direct staff through stocking and picking activities, and constant temperature control and remote temperature sensing. The AutoCool also supports bar code confirmation of all stocking and picking activities. Stainless steel surfaces and accessibility to all areas of the device provide for easy cleaning and maintenance.


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