Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: Temperature Monitoring

January 2017 - Vol. 14 No. 1 - Page #14

Onset’s InTemp CX500 Series Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceutical Logistics Monitoring is a seamless, end-to-end temperature monitoring solution for transporting products. Together, the InTemp CX500 data logger, InTemp mobile app, and InTempConnect cloud-based data warehousing service reduce excursions by providing accurate, secure, and actionable temperature data through the point-of-delivery. The CX500 communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy to the InTemp app on a mobile device, reducing setup and readout times and enabling access to temperature data without opening a box. With the tap of a button, operators can document trips and obtain actionable information, enabling proactive product-handling decisions. The mobile app syncs easily with the cloud-based service, which provides command-center control over the supply chain. This fully-integrated solution ensures secure electronic records and a reduced paper trail, simplifying the process of passing regulatory audits and prioritizing quality delivery of goods. Models are available for short- and long-duration transport of traditional cold chain products, controlled room temperature, and frozen shipments.

From Onset

Hampshire Controls Corp’s Alert Monitoring System (AMS) is a PC-based system for continuous monitoring and data recording of environmental conditions. The system has local alarms and email alarm notifications when connected to the user’s network. The AMS can connect to single- and multi-probed wired and wireless alarms. Daily and event log reports can be generated easily and emailed. Because the AMS is SQL-based, it can be integrated into an existing computer network for seamless remote data logging, and can be operated in a wireless/remote or stand-alone mode. The system features multiple user access capability and wireless network integration.

From Hampshire Controls Corp

The Evolve 5.5 cubic foot ADA Undercounter Refrigerator from Phononic eliminates the temperature oscillation found in compressor-dependent systems; constant temperature monitoring and dynamic adjustment reduce the temperature fluctuation to less than 0.2°C. Temperature uniformity within the refrigerator eliminates hot and cold spots to provide a uniform chamber temperature of +/- 1°C. SilverPoint temperature and full system monitoring provide solutions for data logging, monitoring, and alarm notifications. Using embedded sensors, SilverPoint automatically records glycol and air temperature in every refrigerator. If internal temperature, door seal, or power are compromised, an alarm sounds on the unit and on the Web portal. The refrigerator is compliant with WHO noise recommendations at less than 35 dBA and has a 10-year heat pump warranty.

From Phononic

The TraceableLIVE monitoring system from Control Company eliminates the burden of monitoring cold storage 24/7, with cost effective, robust, reliable, and scalable cloud-based temperature monitoring. The system is available off the shelf in relevant temperature ranges (-50°C to 70°C, -90°C to 105°C), with probe options for most applications, and in temperature or temperature/relative humidity versions. The simple, efficient setup process allows a pharmacy to begin monitoring quickly without any additional hardware or software. The devices use the secure TraceableLIVE cloud-based monitoring service to send remote email, mobile push, and text message notifications, and allow access to data via iOS, Android, and Web interfaces. Robust technologies and security protocols prevent the TraceableLIVE IoT devices and platform from compromising individual data or local networks. Devices are individually serialized, calibrated, and certified traceable to NIST under ISO 17025-accredited calibration process.

From Control Company

Onset’s InTemp CX400 Series Temperature-Controlled Storage Monitoring and Compliance features high-performance data loggers for monitoring temperatures in refrigerators, freezers, and other temperature-controlled environments. The loggers feature a large LCD display making it easy to keep tabs on current and daily minimum and maximum temperatures throughout the day. With everything displayed at once, there is no need to toggle through a series of screens. The LCD also displays checkboxes when daily temperature checks are done, a visual alarm indicator if an excursion occurs, and ambient temperature readings. InTemp loggers require little power to operate, so they can monitor temperatures for up to a year without a change of batteries. Battery power also reduces the risk of temperature data loss during power outages. InTemp CX400 loggers come with a second, built-in temperature sensor to track ambient temperatures, which eliminates the need to buy a separate room temperature logger, and can provide useful information about room conditions during an excursion event.

From Onset

The MLR102 Countertop Pharmacy Refrigerator by Helmer Scientific is energy-efficient and Joint Commission-approved for medication storage. Compared to most compact countertop refrigerators, the 1.8 cubic foot MLR102 requires less clearance (3 inches behind unit) and noise generated is only 40 dBA. Helmer’s AdvanceCore technology ensures uniform and stable temperature, ranging from 2°C to 8°C, +/-1.8°C. The solid-state thermoelectric heat pump uses forced air circulation to cool the unit, which also reduces recovery time after the door is opened. The lack of moving parts decreases maintenance needs making the refrigerator ideal for point-of-care applications. The refrigerator can be connected to ADC systems, and temperature data can be downloaded to a USB. A color LCD display allows programming of temperature and audible alarms, such as high/low temperature, door ajar, and no power. The door can be locked and password-protected to ensure security of contents.

From Helmer Scientific

Mesa’s ViewPoint Hardware VPx Sensors integrate seamlessly with Mesa’s ViewPoint Web-browser user interface, providing access from any computer or networked mobile device. Users also can work from an off-network device if desired. The sensors can monitor multiple parameters for various applications. With an optional LCD display, ViewPoint’s VPx sensors help meet the CDC’s Vaccines for Children functional requirements while offering extended battery life, line-powered options, and local alarming and muting.

From Mesa Labs

VersaTrak wireless temperature monitoring system from the Veracity Group offers both 900 MHz and WiFi transmitter solutions as well as a large selection of probes for every application. The system allows monitoring of refrigerators, freezers, room temperature and humidity, differential pressure for compounding rooms, real time particle count, and more. VersaTrak is a second-generation software created specifically for the compliance needs of the health care industry. VersaTrak also created and patented Auto Node Calibration (ANC), the only self-calibrating transmitter on the market.

From Veracity Group

Cooper-Atkins’ TempTrak 900 MHz transmitters pass information wirelessly to the TempTrak application, which collects and records data 24/7. The transmitters operate on a 900 MHz frequency-hopping spread spectrum with an open-field range of up to 2,500 feet and a typical interior range of up to 500 feet. Each transmitter is battery operated and monitors against preset conditions that are user-defined within the TempTrak application. The 900 MHz system is capable of collecting, storing, and transmitting data wirelessly for up to 400 hours (16 days). Information recorded to the database (°F/C) is time stamped and cannot be altered through the user interface. This transmitter’s temperature and humidity sensors have a range of 4°F to 140°F (20°C to 60°C) and the humidity sensor can monitor 0% to 95% RH (non-condensing).

From Cooper-Atkins

The Sensaphone Sentinel System remotely monitors temperatures in freezers and refrigerators to protect valuable medications and vaccines. The system can monitor up to 12 different pieces of equipment and environmental status conditions, including temperature from -109°F to 168°F, humidity, power failure, equipment statistics, and water detection. When the monitoring system identifies an issue, it instantly sends alerts via text, email, or voice phone call. Sentinel uses a standard Internet connection, supervises its own Internet connection, and can easily deliver daily event reports. Users can access data logged information and make system changes from any mobile app or Web-enabled device. The system stores all readings in the cloud, which protects against data loss, provides unlimited storage of information, and allows multiple devices to be managed from one account. No software is required, so installation, integration, and management are simple. The standard system is Ethernet-based, but is also available with a cellular option for locations without Internet connectivity.

From Sensaphone


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