Refining PPE Usage for HD Compounding: Part I
February 2017 - Vol. 14 No. 2 - Page #18

USP Chapter <800> includes specific requirements for both shoe covers and gowns used during hazardous drug (HD) compounding; however, the chapter does not specify the types of shoe covers to be used or detail the materials from which gowns must be made. The chapter states that when compounding HDs, a second pair of shoe covers must be donned before entering the containment secondary engineering control (C-SEC) and doffed when exiting the C-SEC,1 yet includes no further detail about the type of material or design of the shoe covers. It is likely that the expert committee assumed that the use of a second pair of regular shoe covers would result in adequate protection of the inside shoe cover. In other words, as long as the outside shoe cover, assumed to be contaminated, is removed inside the doffing area of the C-SEC, the remaining inside shoe cover, assumed to not be contaminated, could be used to enter the anteroom without spreading contamination.

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