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Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: Unit-Dose Packaging

May 2017 - Vol.14 No. 5 - Page #26

While most hospital pharmacies deliver almost all medications to the units in bar coded unit dose, they do not necessarily arrive at the loading dock in that format. The ability to consistently purchase medications in bar coded unit dose is far from guaranteed, and in practice, unit dosed availability is constantly fluctuating. In response, this often requires remapping of NDCs, labeling syringes, or product repackaging.

Fortunately, there are a variety of highly rated options available to meet repackaging needs. Tabletop units can be particularly effective in repackaging and relabeling within a small footprint. These units deliver reproducible accuracy, automated QC reports, and rapid output without the risk of repetitive stress injuries inherent in high-volume manual activities. Questions to ask when considering such a purchase include:

  • What are the costs of the accompanying disposables?
  • Is dedicated customer service available?
  • How are software upgrades managed?
  • What label customization is available?
  • Is training available for new users?

Medical Packaging Inc’s Auto-Wrap Syringe Labeling System automates the process of labeling syringes and assists in increasing throughput while also contributing to the reduction of repetitive stress injuries. The system produces a printed label that automatically wraps around a syringe in a single motion at a speed of up to 20 syringes per minute, a significant reduction over the time expended when applying labels manually. The labels, available in three different sizes with a variety of color options, accommodate any type of oral or injectable syringe from 0.5 mL to 60 mL, without the need for adjustment or changing of parts.

The open-face design allows for easy loading of label stock and access to all controls. Label design is managed through MPI’s Pak-EDGE UD Barcode Labeling Software.

From Medical Packaging Inc (MPI)

Euclid updates its tabletop unit dose packaging system, Cadet, to feature the latest software, bar coding, safety, and operational features. The tabletop machine packages 60 units per minute in 1.5x2-inch package size. A fingerprint reader, pill camera, linear bar code scanner, and the Euclid Vantage Software package, which offers true typefonts, controlled drug symbol, customizable reports, and password protection, are included with purchase. With incremental numbering capabilities, USB connection, and 300 DPI fade-resistant thermal transfer printing, the system can accommodate variable package lengths and Class A or Class B packaging. In addition, it offers a one-piece cast aluminum frame, a servo motor for precision packages, an optional auto cutoff feature, and a stainless steel tabletop.

From Euclid


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