Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: Smart Pumps

July 2017 - Vol.14 No. 7 - Page #24
Category: Smart Pumps

The Synchronized Intelligence Infusion Platform from B. Braun Medical Inc offers a fully integrated infusion platform, with high-performance pumps, real-time data, and an electronic reporting system. The platform was designed to help clinicians achieve 100% drug library compliance, minimize infusion-related medication errors, and reduce unnecessary alarms.

B. Braun Medical collaborated with clinicians at Healthcare Human Factors to engineer a better pump that helps improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency. The Infusomat Space Pump underwent 100 hours of rigorous, hands-on clinical testing by 100 registered, practicing nurses and anesthesiologists, who evaluated the pump in real-life settings to ensure that it met the needs and demands of the health care environment.

From B. Braun Medical Inc

The Alaris System from BD accurately delivers infusions while helping to reduce complexity and protect patient safety at the point of care. With large-volume pump, syringe, and patient-controlled analgesia infusion modalities, along with EtCO2 monitoring on one platform, the system supports standardization to streamline workflow and provide infusion data and analytics across all care areas and patient populations.

BD provides bidirectional EMR interoperability for both large-volume and syringe pump modalities on one platform at 177 live sites. Proprietary connectivity pre-populates order parameters from the EMR to the infusion modules, eliminating manual steps and reducing the possibility of error. Infusion status data is sent from the infusion module to the EMR to support accurate, timely documentation and to improve care and reimbursement.

From BD


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