Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: Outpatient Automation

November 2017 - Vol. 14 No. 11 - Page #90

Implementing outpatient pharmacy services has become increasingly common, as organizations seek to increase customer satisfaction, hold readmission rates in check, and ensure patients fill their prescriptions in a timely manner. For self-insured organizations in particular, adding an outpatient pharmacy can also help capture significant cost savings. Those undertaking this endeavor report strong satisfaction with their outpatient operations and most are looking to expand the services they offer (see PP&P’s 2017 State of Pharmacy Automation outpatient automation survey data).

Successful outpatient operations require a different skill set than typical hospital pharmacy with automation being key to creating a thriving enterprise. The most commonly utilized technologies in the outpatient pharmacy include e-prescribing, point-of-sale programs, and automated pill counters.

The KL1Plus counting plus verification device from Kirby Lester Pharmacy Automation combines prescription counting with computerized scan verification to safeguard against filling errors. The device ensures that all prescriptions (tablets, capsules, and unit-of-use items) are verified before counting, and every prescription dispense is archived for up to 10 years. If an outpatient pharmacy uses a fully automated pharmacy robot, the KL1Plus can handle everything else, ensuring 100% medication verification. Simple to operate and maintain, the device interfaces with pharmacy systems, fits into crowded workspaces, and helps improve workflow. It is also ideal for narcotics double-counting and inventory cycle counts.

From Kirby Lester Pharmacy Automation

Medication Delivery Service
Mobile Delivery provides a convenient medication drop-off service for patients and powerful tracking capabilities for pharmacies. Using Mobile Delivery, pharmacies can improve efficiency, boost profitability, and ensure that homebound patients can access required medications. Through a strategic partnership with leading mobile technology provider RxTrax, McKesson offers Mobile Delivery as a stand-alone service for its core pharmacy management systems (EnterpriseRx, PharmacyRx, and Pharmaserv). The service can also be fully integrated with EnterpriseRx and Pharmaserv POS for a seamless connection with pharmacy workflow.

From McKesson

The NRx Pharmacy Management System from QS/1 is a comprehensive solution for outpatient pharmacies that offers flexible workflow, fast claims processing, and additional tools, such as Remote Checkout for bedside prescription delivery and pharmacist consultations. Remote Checkout uses a portable, point-of-sale tablet that enables pharmacists to deliver prescriptions and consult with patients at their bedside before they are discharged. Utilizing a WiFi signal, users can process credit, debit, and FSA transactions, and capture signatures, including those required for PSE and HIPAA, and print receipts. Providing bedside delivery helps reduce readmission rates and improve health outcomes.

QS/1’s ShipRx Pharmacy Management and Shipping Solution makes adding employee pharmacy services and prescription shipping easier. It helps manage the prescription shipping needs of any employee pharmacy program and offers the convenience of multiple payment options, payroll deduction, and mail-order capabilities. Credit cards can be automatically charged for the balance of a transaction when the charge exceeds the payroll deduction amount. These solutions can help the outpatient pharmacy realize benefits such as increased fill rates, additional revenue, reduced readmissions, and improved overall health outcomes.

From QS/1


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