Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: IV Workflow

December 2017 - Vol.14 No. 12 - Page #18

The DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Manager from Baxter is an enterprise solution that interfaces with any pharmacy information system to automate the process of routing, preparing, inspecting, tracking, and reporting on IV and oral liquid doses. By providing visibility to the dose preparation and dispensing process for both patient-specific and stock doses, the DoseEdge System helps to promote dose preparation safety, reduce waste, and enhance productivity. Automatic calculations and bar code verification of ingredients help reduce key sources of preparation errors, including wrong drug selection and incorrect dose concentration. The reporting functions within the DoseEdge System allow for analyzing compounding error rates as well as trending workloads and other productivity measures.

From Baxter

The BD Cato medication workflow solutions from BD integrate with hospital information systems to improve safety while increasing efficiency during the IV compounding process. BD Cato uses a combination of bar coding technology and gravimetric verification with hard stops to detect errors in real time. This gives users the confidence that any potential errors have been corrected before reaching the patient. The system extends safety to support nearly all types of sterile preparations, and new software offers a guided volumetric workflow option, enhanced gravimetric batching capabilities, interoperability with Epic (inbound orders and outbound NDC usage info), and more configuration options for increased flexibility in workflow.

From BD

The Phocus Rx from Grifols is a noninvasive IV workflow management system that provides a solution for remote validation and documentation of sterile compounding processes. The system helps ensure medications are correctly prepared, reducing the risk of contamination and occupational exposure, and maintaining a detailed database for drug and retrospective reviews and reports.

Workflow efficiencies are optimized while staff safety and product quality are enhanced with capabilities such as reporting, label printing, drug identification process, management of patient-specific and batch orders, integration of multiple systems, and bidirectional interfaces with major pharmacy information systems. Pharmacy management can be optimized with real-time tracking, remote verification, image capture and management, batch recipe management, bidirectional interface, detailed documentation and reporting, multi-facility configuration, and adaptability to existing workflows.

In addition to lot number and expiration date tracking, the high-resolution imaging and bar coded drug identification features help improve patient safety. The system facilitates compliance with relevant guidelines and regulations by photographically documenting compounding processes and procedures and is adaptable to any type of hood, glove box, or open compounding environment.

From Grifols

The IVX Workflow Solution from Omnicell includes a bar code scanner, standard camera, near infrared camera, a scale for gravimetric verification, and a thermal label printer. As an all-in-one device, it is designed to be placed inside laminar airflow hoods or isolators. The Omnicell IVX Cloud is a Web-based software solution designed to manage all aspects of IV workflow operations across the health system, enabling users to manage orders from the pharmacy information system, perform pharmacist checking, design risk-based workflows using gravimetric or volumetric checks for different IV compounding applications, access Omnicell’s cloud-based formulary, add formulary items, and view reports and data analytics. IVX Cloud will also be integrated with Simplifi 797, the USP <797> and USP <800> quality management and compliance software.

From Omnicell

PharmacyKeeper by MedKeeper is a scalable workflow software solution designed to support facilities ranging from critical access hospitals to infusion clinics to major university hospitals. While PharmacyKeeper has a large customer base integrated with most major EHRs, the system can also be deployed without an interface in lower volume facilities that do not have available IT resources.

PharmacyKeeper can be personalized to support unique workflow needs, and with specific state boards of pharmacy requiring defined steps in the workflow, it is able to adapt to ensure each requirement is met. In addition, PharmacyKeeper is often leveraged for non-sterile and oral preparations. 

Personalized workflows that include a combination of bar code scan validation, full compounding documentation, and volumetric or gravimetric assurances all help support safety and efficiency objectives. Regulatory requirements such as managing the master formula record and full compounding logs are easily achieved as a by-product of the system.


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