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Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: Cleanroom Cleaning
January 2018 - Vol. 15 No. 1 - Page #18

The MicroCinch Mop from Contec is constructed of 100% synthetic microfiber that provides superior removal of gross soil and fine particulate. The mop reduces cross-contamination and is suitable for ISO Class 7 and 8 environments. Compatible with most common disinfectant chemistries, the USP <797> compliant, disposable, low-linting, flat mop can be used wet or dry, and the pad provides uniform surface coverage and liquid distribution. The “pocket” style design allows for quick changing of mop pads, and the collapsible, heavy-duty plastic mop head frame easily snaps into the pad pockets. The MicroCinch mop is ideal for daily cleaning and disinfecting of the pharmacy cleanroom.

From Contec

ISO-MED’s Cleanroom Wipers and Supplies from Medi-Dose/EPS are USP <797> compliant and are available in both sterile and non-sterile formats. The wipers are available in 9” x 9” and 12” x 12” sizes, have non-shedding characteristics, and yield extremely low levels of contamination with a pure polypropylene substrate. The added benefit of precise solvent saturation ensures optimal particle removal, retention, and solvent usage. Available in convenient, resealable pouches and practical solvent solutions, the wipers meet the standards of environmental and process cleaning applications. The ISOpure sterile alcohol is in compliance with OSHA guidelines. The alcohol sprayer’s unique 0.22 micron filter and design maintains complete sterile filtration of incoming ambient air during use.

From Medi-Dose/EPS

Pharma-Surface Guard from Acute Care Pharmaceuticals helps ensure that hazardous drug (HD) spills are safely handled using a two-step process designed to clean without causing oxidation on stainless steel surfaces. The product cleans and inactivates most chemotherapy drugs and other HDs on work surfaces. The Pharma-Surface Guard stainless steel cleaner/chemo neutralizer kit is made with ISO Class 5, 6” x 9”, 45% polyester and 55% cellulose cleanroom wipers, and is USP <797> and USP <800> compatible. The first wipe, used to clean up the spill, contains 2% specially formulated sodium hypochlorite soap solution, while the second wipe contains 1% sodium thiosulfate with 0.9% benzyl alcohol, which inactivates the cleaning solution from the first wiper. Each box contains 15 sets of the two-step application packets.

From Acute Care Pharmaceuticals

The ChemoGLO Wipe Kit from ChemoGLO can now measure additional drugs: gemcitabine, irinotecan, 5-Azacytidine, mitomycin C, estrone, estradiol, estriol, progesterone, and testosterone. For more product details, visit the ChemoGLO website.

From ChemoGLO

Sterile Decon-Spore SimpleMix Disinfectant from Health Care Logistics helps combat the growth of mold spores in medical environments. Utilizing an acid-based disinfecting formula that requires no mixing or activation prior to use, this broad-spectrum, hard-surface disinfectant is EPA registered effective against influenza A viruses, including pandemic H1N1, when used as directed. By pushing on the top of the small chamber, the SimpleMix two-part container combines the proper amount of concentrate and water for injection, helping eliminate user error. This single-bagged, ready-to-use formula is available in a 16-ounce trigger spray bottle or a case of 12.

From Health Care Logistics

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