Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: Temperature Monitoring

January 2019 - Vol.16 No. 1 - Page #24
Categories: Temperature Monitoring for Transport, Wired Temperature Monitoring Systems, Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

The InTemp CX402-VFC data logger from Onset monitors temperatures in refrigerators, freezers, and other temperature-controlled environments. Designed to streamline the collection of temperature data, the InTemp solution meets the requirements for the CDC Vaccines for Children program as well as hospitals, clinics, and WHO sites.

With an InTemp CX402-VFC data logger and the InTemp app on the user’s Apple or Android device, it is possible to view data, check logger status, set alarms, and create and share secure PDF reports. With no need for a USB cable, the logger does not need to be removed to access its data.

InTemp CX402-VFC loggers connect seamlessly to the optional InTemp CX Gateway device and InTempConnect cloud-based data warehousing service, to provide real-time notification of temperature excursions via email or text. Data can be automatically downloaded daily, weekly, or monthly from one or more InTemp loggers within range of the CX Gateway, reducing the burden of manually downloading data from the loggers.

The loggers have an accuracy of +/-0.5°C and come with a CDC-compliant 3-year NIST Certificate of Calibration, plus the option to participate in Onset’s automatic recalibration program.

  • From Onset

Sentinel Next from Argus Labs is a wireless temperature monitoring system that automates the recording of refrigerator and freezer temperatures. If any device goes out of range, the system provides immediate notification to prevent product loss. All data and corrective actions are recorded to meet regulatory requirements.

The WiFi-enabled sensors can utilize an existing WiFi 802.11b/g/n network to communicate to the Argus cloud or local server software. The system is easily installed, as no software or additional hardware is required. Sensors are battery powered and can be line-powered to withstand power loss. Snap Calibration Probes are available for annual verification of system calibration. The Snap calibration probe can be replaced as required on an exchange basis for a probe with a new NIST-traceable certificate of calibration. A wide variety of sensors are available, including sensors to monitor ultra-low freezers, CO2, differential pressure, voltage, LN2, and leak detection.

The system’s software includes full function mobile applications for Apple and Android devices. A support and installation team is available to assist in every phase of the installation process and thereafter to ensure that the system continues to meet the facility’s needs.

  • From Argus Labs

The CIMScan wireless DQ and CQ sensors from CIMTechniques are engineered to meet the unique needs of the pharmacy environment. Each group of sensors can be part of a total CIMScan monitoring system, enabling remote collection of temperature data, alarms, notifications, and the necessary reporting to satisfy regulatory requirements. CQ temperature sensors offer wireless connectivity through a LAN gateway and are designed with power output and frequency switching technology to cut through interference. DQ sensors operate over the existing WiFi network, creating a cost-efficient system that is easy to install.

DQ sensors offer local Bluetooth connectivity for real-time viewing of temperature readings on a smartphone or tablet. Both series offer sensors for ambient temperature, probes for refrigerators and freezers, and a range of other monitoring options, including differential pressure. Annual recalibration is simplified as the EZcal calibration system requires only the replacement of the sensor probe. All CIMScan sensors are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 facility, and the CIMScan system meets ISO 14644 requirements and conforms to the data integrity stipulations specified in FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

  • From CIMTechniques

Simulator probes from Cooper-Atkins are designed to represent actual product temperature, as air temperatures fluctuate when refrigerator doors are opened and closed, but actual temperatures of stored items are not affected unless the door is left open for a significant period of time. Because the simulator probe includes a calibration port, recalibration can be performed onsite, while the probe and transmitter remain in situ. This allows for a more accurate calibration process.

  • From Cooper-Atkins 

LIBERO W from ELPRO helps pharmacies and clinical sites to improve operational efficiency, accurately record temperature data, and ensure compliance. LIBERO W is a wireless, independent monitoring solution for refrigerators, freezers, and smaller storage rooms, which allows users to react locally and immediately to temperature alarms.

To set up, users simply place the sensor and press start. The wireless transmission requires no cables or fixed installation, and the system is self-monitoring with automated audio/visual device warnings. Four different PDF reporting types are available, and the integrated USB cable generates PDF reports automatically. Interchangeable batteries power the device, so no wired power supply is needed. In addition, the system is compliant with USP <1079.1>, and it is calibrated and pre-configured with an Ilac/SCS/DAkkS/NIST/UKAS/ISO 17025 traceable production calibration certificate, preconfigured to freezer, refrigerator, or room conditions.

  • From ELPRO

The Rees Scientific temperature monitoring system is FDA-compliant and provides continuous automated monitoring for critical assets, equipment, and environments. The system can monitor a diverse facility with multiple locations while providing immediate data access and sophisticated analysis from any desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Instant alarm notifications can be sent via local sonic, interactive dialed telephone, and escalating email and text messaging.

The system can be customized to meet the unique needs and requirements of any facility; system options include stand-alone, network, or Web-based. It can also be hard-wired, wireless, or WiFi- or cloud-based. Standard to every system are automated daily printouts, alarm notifications, audit trails, and complete data encryption, which help ensure compliance with USP <800>, FDA, ASHP, GxP, Joint Commission, and other regulatory requirements. The technical support team is available 24 hours a day to promptly and efficiently resolve any issues.

  • From Rees Scientific

SensoScientific’s wireless cloud continuous temperature monitoring leverages existing WiFi networks to automatically track and perpetually record data. The latest generation OTA series sensors have the ability to remotely update firmware, ensuring the latest enhancements are available without the need for hardware upgrades. The OTA series features flexible, automated alerting via text, email, pager, and phone, and includes an audible alarm at the sensor level.

The sensors operate with AC power or can maintain an estimated 18-month lithium battery life. The display on each sensor provides current reading and minimum/maximum reading, along with diagnostic icons for alarms, battery life, connectivity, and other indicators. The SensoScientific OTA series sensors come with a 3-year warranty and offer an automatic Snap Calibration program, whereby NIST-certified or A2LA calibration is automatic, and calibration can be performed by the end user without any downtime.

  • From SensoScientific

Temptime’s EDGE W-200 wireless temperature and humidity sensor (with LoRa WAN technology) and EDGEConnect are innovative solutions that aim to simplify facility monitoring. With EDGEConnect, the W-200 modules can be configured, managed, and monitored from mobile devices or via web application. The wireless W-200 automatically collects data and transmits the information to the Cloud so it can be accessed anywhere.

The EDGE family of sensors and software provide wireless temperature tracking, mobile connectivity, and data sharing for temperature-sensitive products such as drugs, biologics, vaccines, and medical devices. For use in production, storage, and shipment, EDGE devices log and retrieve data through packing materials, containers, trucks, cold equipment, and temperature-controlled rooms without jeopardizing environmental integrity. EDGE wireless sensors feature Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity, smartphone or mobile device setup, remote monitoring and tracking, and cloud data sharing and storage.

  • From Temptime

VersaTrak from Veracity Group is a secure, easy-to-use, enterprise level solution, designed to support a variety of departments within any hospital infrastructure. It offers system security that protects data by compartmentalizing access for each department from changes made by other departments, including military spec security user access protocols.

The system’s browser-based software is simple to use and maintain, with its patented ANC (automatic node calibration) performing an automatic weekly self-audit, providing updated traceability certificates. VersaTrak Mobile is offered for users offsite, and a variety of hardware options are offered, including WiFi and 900 MHz, with mix-and-match capabilities, and a variety of general purpose and lab-grade probes (temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, and more). All products are NIST-traceable.

  • From Veracity Group, Inc

The InTemp CX500 Temperature, CX600 Dry Ice, and CX700 Cryogenic Loggers from Onset are temperature monitoring solutions for storage and in-transit monitoring of temperature-sensitive products, enabling easy access and sharing of temperature data at multiple points in the supply chain, through the point of patient dosing. InTemp storage and transportation loggers communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to the free InTemp app on a mobile device. This reduces set-up and readout times, enabling logistics and quality personnel to access temperature data without opening a box or refrigerator. With a tap of a button, operators can document trips and obtain actionable information, enabling proactive product-disposition decisions.

The InTemp app syncs with the InTempConnect Cloud reporting and analytics tool, which provides command-center control over the supply chain. This fully integrated solution ensures secure electronic records and a reduced paper trail, streamlining the audit process and prioritizing quality delivery of goods. With the InTemp CX Gateway device, users receive an automatic data download from all loggers within range of the device, eliminating the need for manual interaction to retrieve the temperature data, while providing real-time email or text notifications straight to any mobile device.

  • From Onset


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