Specialty Pharmacy

April 2019 - Vol.16 No. 4 - Page #24
Category: Specialty Wholesalers

Recognizing the benefits of establishing an in-house specialty pharmacy, more than one-quarter of facilities have implemented this service, which allows pharmacy to ensure continuity of care for their patients, improve access to medications, and prevent cost barriers to treatment. As specialty medications continue to drive a substantial total of the annual drug spend, it is important to explore options for maintaining medication revenue within the organization.

There was a 37% increase in the number of health systems establishing specialty pharmacies in 2018; 26% of all facilities now offer these services.

While large academic medical centers were the first to implement specialty pharmacy operations, some smaller facilities are also offering specialty pharmacy services to their patients.

Looking forward, 19% of hospital pharmacies are considering establishing a specialty pharmacy. Most of these new implementations will be concentrated among the largest facilities.


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