Cleaning the Cleanroom

April 2019 : State of Pharmacy Compounding - Vol.16 No. 4 - Page #23

Consistent, effective cleaning practices are key to producing safe CSPs, yet this area remains challenging for some facilities. While daily cleaning has become the norm for most facilities, many continue to struggle with documenting their practices. This year also saw a dip in the number of facilities that have specific personnel dedicated to cleaning. Nonetheless, a wide variety of quality cleaning products are available to simplify these processes, and pharmacy gives strong marks to their cleaning products.

Overall, 79% of cleanrooms/compounding areas and primary engineering controls are cleaned daily with germicidal detergent and water. As compounding volume increases, so does cleaning compliance.

A wide variety of high quality cleaning products are available and 99% of pharmacy directors are satisfied with their cleaning product vendors.

Contec continues to lead this busy marketplace, followed by Kimberly-Clark, Texwipe, and Acute Care.

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