Engineering Controls—LAFWs

April 2019 : State of Pharmacy Compounding - Vol.16 No. 4 - Page #24

The high quality available in this marketplace is reflected in the ubiquity of LAFW use and the solid projections for future adoptions. Users confidently assign strong satisfaction scores to their vendors, and more than a third of facilities are planning new purchases.

Overall, almost 8 out of 10 facilities take advantage of LAFW technology.

Outside of the smallest facilities, LAFW use is close to universal.

The Baker Company, Nuaire, and Germfree are the leading vendors in the LAFW marketplace. The ‘Other’ category includes those who utilize an open concept bench built into the cleanroom.

While most facilities use one or two LAFWs, a significant number use more than 5.

Underscoring the popularity of this equipment, over the next 5 years, more than a third of pharmacy directors plan to upgrade their LAFWs. 

Future LAFW purchases will continue to be concentrated in facilities with 200+ beds.

Despite this year’s slight dip, purchasing projections for LAFWs remain strong.


There is a 99% satisfaction rate for LAFWs, and 90% of users assign particularly strong marks to their LAFW vendor.


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