Engineering Controls—CAIs/CACIs

April 2019 : State of Pharmacy Compounding - Vol.16 No. 4 - Page #28

Appropriate utilization of engineering controls is key to sustaining the effectiveness of pharmacy’s drug preparation. This is particularly true with HD production, as the right equipment serves as the linchpin for the entire compounding operation. Pharmacy typically utilizes an array of engineering controls in the cleanroom, including LAFWs, BSCs, and CAIs/CACIs. Given that three-quarters of facilities nationwide are preparing HDs, we will be watching for an increase in isolator purchasing in the coming months.

LAFWs and BSCs are widely utilized, while CAIs and CACIs are not as widespread.

Pharmacies typically operate with one or two CAIs/CACIs; just 14% of facilities are using 3 or more isolators.

Nuaire continues to lead the isolator marketplace, followed by Germfree, The Baker Company, and Isotech.

Pharmacy’s satisfaction with their isolators reached an impressive 96% this year and more than three-quarters of users give high marks to their CAIs/CACIs.

The trend toward locating isolators within the cleanroom continues, as fewer facilities are utilizing this equipment in lieu of a cleanroom.

Sleeve change frequency is not consistent; only half of all facilities change their sleeves at least monthly.

Facilities of all sizes are looking to purchase additional CAIs/CACIs, with the strongest activity projected to be concentrated in the largest facilities.


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