CSTDs For Drug Preparation

April 2019 : State of Pharmacy Compounding - Vol.16 No. 4 - Page #38
Category: Closed System Drug-Transfer Devices (CSTDs)

Three quarters of all facilities nationwide prepare HDs and thus must become compliant with USP <800> by December first of this year. In terms of CSTD use, significant progress is underway. Nine years ago, 40% of hospital pharmacies had no plans to adopt CSTDs for drug preparation. Today, that number has plummeted to 4%, despite the fact that USP <800> recommends, but does not require, CSTDs for drug preparation. New and upgraded products continue to enter this marketplace, providing a variety of options for pharmacy.

The steady adoption of CSTDs to protect compounding staff continues; 85% of all hospital pharmacies have adopted CSTDs for drug preparation and 11% plan to do so shortly.

Utilizing CSTDs during compounding is the norm among facilities of all sizes. While these devices are already ubiquitous in the largest facilities, purchasing activity is projected to be strong in small to mid-sized facilities over the next few months, with adoption rates projected to surpass the 90% mark.

In line with The Joint Commission’s position, most facilities do not look to their CSTD usage as a means to extend beyond use dating.

For drug preparation, the leading CSTD vendor is BD, followed by Equashield, ICU Medical, and B. Braun. This market continues to expand, with new devices entering the market this year.

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Strong growth this year propelled Equashield into the leading spot, with PhaSeal, OnGuard, and Spiros/ChemoClave closely following.

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These devices engender strong satisfaction in the pharmacy; 90% of users rate their CSTD as good or excellent.

Among those facilities currently compounding without CSTDs and those considering switching vendors, Equashield, BD, ICU Medical, and B. Braun are the leading vendors under consideration. Given the strong user satisfaction in this market segment, there are many excellent options available for pharmacy. Furthermore, additional products continue to enter this market: Baxter, JMS, and BD have introduced new CSTDs, and product updates are expected this year from some of the existing CSTD vendors.

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