Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: 340B Software

July 2019 - Vol. 16 No. 7 - Page #26

Verity Solutions offers software and services to help qualifying health care organizations navigate and optimize their 340B programs so they can extend care to those who need it most. Trained industry experts work closely with covered entities to tailor a variety of 340B options to meet each facility’s specific needs.

Configurable solutions are available to help stretch limited resources, foster compliance, respond quickly to changing regulations, and to simplify 340B program participation. With resources focusing on split billing, contract pharmacy, specialty/hemophilia contract pharmacy, compliance management/tracking tools, and purchase optimization analytics, solutions can be tailored to unique needs.

Split Billing offers customized business reviews, multi-site covered entities functionality, accumulator sharing for qualified sites, and more. Contract Pharmacy features eligible claim capture tools, NPI management tools, re-evaluation tools, and streamlined pharmacy ordering solutions.

The NRx pharmacy management system from QS/1 aims to make maintaining a 340B program simple and affordable by managing multiple inventories, creating formularies, and automatically reordering drugs from wholesalers. Reporting is customizable and meets the requirements of contract Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), initiates proper ordering procedures for drugs, and creates monthly reporting procedures, all without the need for a separate system. It eliminates the need for stocking additional inventories by borrowing and replacing drugs electronically from the pharmacy’s single inventory. QS/1 is an approved member of the Apexus Prime Vendor Program and offers an integrated IIAS-compliant point-of-sale system, multi-site management (MSM), IVR, and other solutions.

Omnicell’s Performance Center is a pharmacy inventory management software solution that provides real-time visibility of a health system’s neutral inventory and the audit support necessary for self-distribution of medications to 340B-covered entities. With Performance Center, health systems are able to optimize their medication distribution strategy for their hospitals, including their 340B covered entities, to achieve significant financial and operational benefits. The software allows an increased volume of medication inventory to be processed through centralized services, and better visibility to 340B program compliant inventory, which eliminates the need to manually process separate physical and virtual inventory. The Performance Center provides guidance for replenishment requests based on reorder points, and minimizes manual processes for reordering. The system also creates a documented audit trail as medications move between locations, proving compliance with the GPO prohibition. The Performance Center deploys the technology required to automate audit trail capture to incorporate 340B covered entities into a centralized distribution strategy.

The Enterprise QMS - 340B Module from Pharmacy Stars is a secure, cloud-based quality management system for managing all of an IDN’s pharmacy audit, log, and competency requirements, including USP <797> and <800>, diversion, inspections, and 340B. The 340B module includes fully automated schedule reminders, rules-based scoring and alerts, central data repository, and integrated reporting. The system also includes expert 340B self-audit templates with scoring logic written and maintained by Visante, is ADFS/SAML supported, and implements in under 1 day. Its benefits include having all needed resources in one place, HRSA audit readiness, and faster quality improvement cycles.

The 340B program management technology from Macro Helix supports hundreds of covered entities and contract pharmacies. Inventory tracking and replenishment software solutions help health systems improve financial performance, maximize operational efficiency, and maintain regulatory compliance.

The proprietary 340B Architect platform helps capture the full benefits earned by a covered entity while maintaining and demonstrating sustained compliance. Each module within 340B Architect has specific controls, filters, and reports to help verify that all criteria are met, including outpatient status, service area, and orphan drug versus non-orphan drug indications. Using a software-as-a-service model, 340B Architect is able to operate with distributor ordering systems to enhance the flow of information supporting and effecting appropriate and auditable 340B replenishment activity.

To effectively manage the fiscal relationships between covered entities and retail contract pharmacies, Macro Helix continuously monitors all claims activities and identifies key trigger actions impacting revenue and inventory true-up processes. These triggers are then incorporated to ensure accurate claims processing, ongoing accounting for 340B purposes, revenue collection, and reconciliation activities among all parties. Solutions are also available to process Medicaid and Medicare claims accurately, with the goal of maximizing 340B reimbursements and ensuring ongoing program compliance with comprehensive reporting and audit monitoring.

The Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program offers an advanced level of 340B training which, upon completion, allows participants to become Apexus Certified Experts (ACEs). The curriculum combines a comprehensive understanding of federal 340B policy with best practices for efficient, compliant program operations. The Operations Certificate Program prepares individuals to serve as 340B leader experts within their organizations, offering specialized training designed to help improve the facility’s 340B program integrity and compliance. This assessment-based online course offers in-depth analysis for every aspect of 340B, all at the participant’s own pace.


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