USP <800> Compliance

July 2019 : Hazardous Drug Handling - Vol. 16 No. 7 - Page #4

Full achievement of USP <800> compliance is a difficult endeavor that requires a significant, concerted effort. It is likely that few will successfully reach this mark by the December 1st deadline, if the current pace toward compliance continues through year end. Nonetheless, pharmacy’s strong commitment to improving HD handling practices is commendable.

Although the number of facilities that report having achieved full compliance to USP <800> increased this year, the vast majority of facilities (89%) have yet to accomplish this goal despite the looming deadline. Notably, the challenges to attaining full compliance have been experienced by facilities of all sizes; large facilities with deep resources have been as stymied in their progress as have the smallest facilities with fewer resources.

Despite the disheartening number of facilities that are confident in their full compliance to USP <800>, most facilities (82%) are actively undertaking efforts to meet these requirements. While the pace of progress has been plodding to date, all facilities compounding HDs appreciate the need to make efforts toward this goal.

Recognizing that HD safety efforts are a facility-wide endeavor that may require significant financial and staff training investments, most facilities are leveraging the regulations to garner budgetary support for pharmacy’s efforts.



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