Medication Tracking Systems

State of Pharmacy Automation 2019 - Vol. 16 No. 8 - Page #54

Manually tracking missing medications, identifying the quantity on hand of drugs newly on shortage, and monitoring anesthesia kit usage are often cited among the list of pharmacy’s most common pain points. Automated medication tracking systems provide a solution for all of these issues, and interest in these new systems is high in pharmacy. Nevertheless, adoptions have remained relatively flat over the past few years as many pharmacies continue to rely on their EHR to track medications. It is notable that those facilities that have adopted automated solutions assign high satisfaction ratings to their vendors, and most users plan to expand the utility of their systems. As such, additional activity is expected in this marketplace over the next few years.

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Just over one-quarter of facilities utilize an automated system for medication tracking. The adoption rate has remained flat for the past 3 years.

Kit Check leads this marketplace, followed by Grifols, Inmar, and Swisslog. The Other category denotes facilities that currently rely on their EHR software to track medications.

To date, implementations have been concentrated in community teaching hospitals and academic medical centers.



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