Automated Drug Storage and Retrieval

State of Pharmacy Automation 2019 - Vol. 16 No. 8 - Page #16

Investments in automated drug storage and retrieval systems continue to trend upward. A majority of facilities with 200+ beds utilize this technology to streamline medication management and improve inventory control. These systems garner strong satisfaction ratings and are projected to enjoy continued expansion. While larger facilities are more likely to consider implementing this technology, smaller facilities are also considering carousel and robot adoptions.

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The upward trend in system adoptions continues as more facilities look to carousels and robots to bring transparency-driven efficiency to inventory management while also automating drug retrieval in support of timely medication distribution.

Automated drug storage and retrieval is the norm for facilities with 200+ beds.

Pharmacy appreciates the improved medication access and inventory control provided by this automation; 79% of users assign robust ratings to their vendors.

Omnicell leads the automated storage and retrieval marketplace, followed by Swisslog and BD.

Over the next few years, 26% of facilities plan to invest in drug storage and retrieval systems. Many of those investments will occur in 200+ bed facilities.

BD, Omnicell, and Swisslog are the leading vendors under consideration by those facilities looking to purchase carousels or robots.




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