State of Pharmacy Automation 2019 - Vol. 16 No. 8

Over the past decade, BCMA and CPOE have evolved from burgeoning technologies that address significant safety risks to basic necessities within the hospital. Adoption rates for these two technologies also serve as a barometer for a facility’s commitment to automation driven patient safety initiatives. Facilities with both technologies in place are also more likely to use bar code scanning with ADC refills and program smart pumps with patient-specific information.

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Over the past 11 years, BCMA and CPOE grew from being utilized in fewer than 30% of US hospitals to today’s impressive rates of 92% and 96%, respectively.

The number of facilities operating BCMA and CPOE systems increased again this year, with both technologies approaching the 100% mark.

Facility size has little impact on utilization rates for BCMA and CPOE, as facilities of all sizes across the country rely on these technologies to support modern pharmacy initiatives.



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