Outsourced Repackaging for Nonsterile Products

State of Pharmacy Automation 2019 - Vol.16 No. 8 - Page #30
Category: Outsourced Repackaging Services

Outsourcing the repackaging of nonsterile products can offset space and staffing constraints. This approach is most commonly utilized by larger community teaching hospitals and academic medical centers. It is notable that many of these facilities are pleased with their outsourcers and are looking to expand the number of products they repackage via outsourcing. An additional 10% of facilities are planning to add outsourced vendors to augment their current repackaging approaches.

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The rate at which pharmacy utilizes outsourced repackaging vendors continues to fluctuate; 30% of facilities took advantage of such a service this year.

As facility size increases, so does the likelihood that some repackaging needs will be outsourced.

Most facilities rely on outsourced vendors for a small quantity of their repackaging needs—typically less than 15% of their overall repackaging volume. Notable this year is an increase in the number of facilities outsourcing larger quantities of repackaging. In 2018, just 10% of facilities outsourcing repackaging did so for more than half of their repackaging volume; this year, that percentage jumped to 17%.

Most users assign satisfactory marks to their vendor; however, few rate their vendors as excellent, suggesting there is room for improvement in this area.

While volume increases are projected to occur across facilities of all sizes, the smallest and largest facilities are particularly committed to this approach.

For the first time in 5 years, more facilities are planning to increase rather than maintain their current outsourcing volumes.

As facilities look to switch vendors or adopt outsourcing for the first time, Safecor and American Health Packaging are the leading vendors under consideration.



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