Medication Tray Management

State of Pharmacy Automation 2019 - Vol.16 No. 8 - Page #34
Category: Medication Tray Management

Stunning satisfaction numbers mark this product category, which not coincidentally also enjoyed a 35% increase in installations this year. Medication tray management systems are expected to benefit from strong, ongoing market interest. In addition to increasing system adoption rates, many current users are also looking to expand the reach of their existing systems.

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Automating medication tray management is an increasingly popular option for pharmacy. One in every five pharmacy departments has adopted automated systems to increase the efficiency and safety of their tray management processes, while reducing product replacement costs.

While the smallest hospital pharmacies have yet to adopt these systems, facilities with more than 100 beds are enjoying the benefit of this automation.

These systems receive 100% satisfaction ratings from their users and a strong 42% deem their system to be excellent.

Kit Check is the leading vendor in this category, followed by Inmar, Intelliguard, and Grifols.

These systems deliver high satisfaction to their users, and in turn, 38% are planning to expand the use of their medication tray management system into additional areas.

Over the next 3 years, 28% of those facilities currently without an automated solution for tray management plan to implement one, a 15% increase over last year.

Facility size has a strong impact on implementation plans; system adoptions will be most common in facilities with 200+ beds.

Kit Check, Inmar, Grifols, and MEPS lead the vendors under consideration for those facilities looking to automate their medication tray management.



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