Syringe and IV Bar Coding

State of Pharmacy Automation 2019 - Vol.16 No. 8 - Page #38
Category: Syringe Bar Coding

Bar coding syringes remains a highly manual process for the vast majority of hospital pharmacies. Automating this process is intriguing to many pharmacy directors, yet flag labeling remains commonly utilized. There is growing interest in the variety of automation options offered, such as automated syringe fillers, Codonics, and MPI’s Auto-Wrap. Interest in robotic IV devices is also strong, particularly among large facilities; nonetheless, adoptions of this technology remained flat this year.

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While robotic IV compounding is intriguing to many, to date, just 7% of facilities have adopted this advanced technology.

The vast majority of robot implementation have occurred in 400+ bed facilities.

Syringe bar coding is most often managed as a manual process, although flag labeling is also commonly utilized.

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ARxIUM and Omnicell enjoy the lion’s share of this market.

As robotic IV devices continue to evolve, it is important to note that just 10% of users currently assign an excellent rating to their vendor.

Pharmacy departments considering the addition of a robotic compounding device are concentrated primarily in the largest facilities. While just 11% of facilities overall are considering adopting robotics, 35% of the largest facilities are reviewing this option.

Omnicell, Baxter, Grifols, and ARxIUM are the leading vendors under consideration for those facilities looking to adopt this technology.



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