Temperature Monitoring

State of Pharmacy Automation 2019 - Vol.16 No. 8 - Page #55
Categories: Temperature Monitoring for Transport, Wired Temperature Monitoring Systems, Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

Automating temperature monitoring simplifies pharmacy’s efforts to maintain compliance with medication safety standards, while also reducing the risk of product loss and ensuring patients receive effective medications. With customizable reports and the ability to indicate the length of time a given product was stored out of range, this technology has become widespread throughout pharmacy; 89% of all facilities have automated their temperature monitoring. This market is flourishing with a variety of vendors who typically receive strong satisfaction marks from their users.

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Wireless monitoring is the most popular choice in pharmacy; wired monitoring is most common among facilities with fewer than 100 beds.

Ten years ago, it was de rigueur for facilities to monitor refrigerator and freezer temperatures by hand, using paper logs. Given the simplicity of implementing automated monitoring, the number of hospital pharmacies operating without this technology continues to plummet.

Cooper-Atkins leads this vibrant marketplace, followed by Stanley, SensoScientific, Freshloc, and Thermo Fisher. Many of those in the Other category continue to rely at least in part on their ADCs to monitor temperatures.

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