Outpatient Pharmacy

State of Pharmacy Automation 2019 - Vol. 16 No. 8 - Page #62

Significant growth was the hallmark of outpatient pharmacy operations this year. Notably, the number of facilities implementing outpatient pharmacies is now approaching the 50% mark. These outpatient operations are destined to become increasingly busy as pharmacy directors are committed to expanding the services offered through the outpatient pharmacy, and this growth is expected to drive a matching increase in automation investments to support outpatient efforts.

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Outpatient pharmacy operations grew by 23% this year; 48% of all facilities now offer outpatient pharmacy services. To date, larger facilities have been most committed to adding outpatient pharmacy operations.

Teaching facilities remain particularly committed to establishing outpatient pharmacies, while community hospitals and government owned hospitals have been slower to offer these services.

Ten years ago, fewer than half of outpatient pharmacies utilized any automation in their daily routine. Today, 85% of all outpatient pharmacies utilize a variety of automation solutions. Most popular are e-prescribing, point-of-sale programs, and bar code verification. 

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