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September 2019 : Generic Drugs - Vol.16 No. 9 - Page #6
Category: Generics Manufacturers

Solutions to the product availability conundrum remain stubbornly unavailable to pharmacy. This year saw no improvement in the number of generics available in bar coded unit dose format and most facilities must rely on a wide variety of vendors to source their generic products. As such, the majority of pharmacy directors remain willing to pay a higher price for generics in order to ensure supply reliability.

Despite this year’s small dip, more than 8 out of every 10 pharmacy directors remain willing to pay a higher price for their generics in order to ensure a consistently reliable supply.

While 95% of hospital pharmacies purchase generics off-contract, the vast majority does so for a small percentage of their generic inventory.

Product availability is the catalyst for most off-contract purchasing. Unit dose availability and price prompt additional off-contract purchases.

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For the past several years, there has been no real progress in the number of facilities that are able to purchase more than three-quarters of their generics in bar coded unit dose. Notably, the cohort of facilities purchasing all of their generics in bar coded unit dose was a miniscule 3% this year.

Generic purchasing is rarely accomplished in a consolidated manner. Rather, hospital pharmacies typically rely on 7-15 different manufacturers to source their generic drugs.

Pharmacy directors requesting lot-specific testing from their generic manufacturers remain in a decided minority; just 6% of all pharmacy directors consistently request this data.


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