Temperature Monitoring

October 2019 - Vol. 16 No. 10 - Page #19

The widespread use of automated temperature monitoring is projected to continue its expansion over the next few years as pharmacy enjoys the benefit of immediate access to clear, accurate data that supports accreditation efforts, reduces the risk of product loss, and ensures patients receive effective treatments. Customizable reports, the ability to ascertain the length of time a product has spent out of range, and extensive notification options have made this well-rated technology quite popular; 89% of facilities have already automated their temperature monitoring and most of those who have yet to adopt this technology plan to do so shortly.

While system adoptions will be quiet over the next 6 months, the following 18 months are projected to be quite busy. Most new system implementations are projected to occur within the next 2 years.

Cooper-Atkins leads this vibrant marketplace, followed by Stanley, SensoScientific, Freshloc, Thermo Fisher, and Rees Scientific. Many of those in the Other category continue to rely at least in part on their ADCs to monitor temperatures.

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The vast majority of facilities currently taking a manual approach to tracking and monitoring temperatures plan to adopt automation to handle these tasks.


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