Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: Closed System Drug-Transfer Devices

October 2019 - Vol.16 No. 10 - Page #24
Category: Closed System Drug-Transfer Devices (CSTDs)

Equashield’s CSTD provides superior safety and ease of use for health care workers involved in the compounding and administration of hazardous drugs (HDs). The system’s design allows it to prevent syringe plunger contamination by HDs, a major route of exposure during routine drug preparations and IV pushes. An Equashield CSTD can be used safely even beyond nominal capacity, as the encapsulated plunger rod is designed to never detach from the syringe, preventing the potential of spillage. It can also be used for up to ten connections with the Syringe Unit without leaks or drug residuals on its surfaces and without risk of transferring environmental contaminants into the vial. The system has been validated by the FDA and defined in FDA-cleared labelling as “Preventing Microbial Ingress for up to 7 Days.” In addition, it is FDA cleared under the ONB code for “Closed Antineoplastic and Hazardous Drug Reconstitution and Transfer Systems.” Equashield complies with strict regulatory requirements and has been tested with the NIOSH “Alcohol Vapor Containment Performance Test” for barrier-type systems.

ICU Medical’s ChemoLock CSTD helps minimize the risk of drug exposure to comply with USP <800> CSTD safe handling guidelines during reconstitution and compounding. ChemoLock’s intuitive design assists with preparation times by eliminating the need to assemble multiple components. It snaps together with an audible click, ensuring a safe and secure connection. With a membrane-to-membrane design, pharmacy can choose between a vial spike with a barrier or air-cleansing technology to both prevent the escape of hazardous drug or vapor concentrations and block the transfer of environmental contaminants into the system.

ChemoLock is available as an integrated component with the Diana compounding workflow system, helping to increase workflow efficiencies, improve accuracies without the use of gravimetric scales, and automate filling of ambulatory pumps. Diana’s combined automated compounding and IV workflow technologies with wireless pharmacist notification allows remote verification of each preparation via a handheld tablet display. With integrated high-definition cameras, pharmacy can visualize the workflow for faster, more accurate high-volume compounding.


The NEOSHIELD CSTD from JMS is designed to help pharmacies and treatment centers meet both USP <797> and <800> requirements by providing numerous cost-effective options for compounding single or multi-vial hazardous drugs. Its simple design provides ease of use, safety, and efficient operation for both pharmacy and nursing from compounding through administration. The simple click connections minimize exposure to risk while assuring secure attachment.


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