Temperature Monitoring

November 2019 - Vol.16 No. 11 - Page #64
Categories: Temperature Monitoring for Transport, Wired Temperature Monitoring Systems, Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

Nine years ago, most facilities looked to wired systems to automate what had previously been a time consuming and monotonous task of monitoring temperatures via a manual, paper-based system. Most facilities today take a wireless approach to their automated temperature monitoring. Regardless or the approach taken (wired or wireless), pharmacy directors are quite satisfied with automated temperature monitoring. With a wide array of vendors offering multiple options to ensure accurate, compliant monitoring, there is an appropriate solution available to fit the needs of every type of operation.

Two-thirds of facilities overall utilize wireless systems, with wired temperature monitoring more commonly installed in smaller facilities.

The vast majority of users are satisfied with their automated approach to temperature monitoring; 78% or wireless users and 60% of wired users assign strong marks (good or excellent) to their vendors.

Cooper-Atkins leads this vibrant marketplace, followed by Stanley, SensoScientific, Freshloc, Thermo Fisher, and Rees Scientific. Many of those in the Other category continue to rely at least in part on their ADCs to monitor temperatures.

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