November 2019 - Vol.16 No. 11 - Page #80

IV Workflow Software System

The DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Manager from Baxter interfaces with pharmacy information systems to automate the process of routing, preparing, inspecting, tracking, and reporting on IV and oral liquid doses. By providing visibility to the dose preparation and dispensing process for both patient-specific and stock doses, and to key performance indicators, the DoseEdge System aims to promote dose preparation safety, reduce waste, and enhance productivity. Automatic calculations and bar code verification of ingredients help reduce key sources of preparation errors, including wrong drug selection and incorrect dose concentration.

With the latest software version of the DoseEdge System, pharmacists can be better equipped to tackle the complexities health systems now face based on USP <797> guidelines related to beyond-use-dating (BUD). These enhancements create efficiency and flexibility in the pharmacy, which may lead to reduced waste and cost savings.

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HD Risk Management Program

Once hazardous drugs leave the pharmacy, the number of staff exposed increases, and the types of exposures may be difficult to control. To help reduce HD exposure, WorkingBuildings can conduct a gap analysis and tailor a program to protect staff. Working with leadership and frontline staff, experts develop SOPs and create plans for wipe testing, cleaning patient care areas, disposing of body fluid and contaminated supplies, and staff education.

Working Buildings
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Gap Analysis Tool for USP <795> and <800>

Azurity Pharmaceuticals presents a gap analysis tool for the compounding arena. Designed to aid pharmacists and technicians in breaking down the various sections of USP <795> and <800>, this free tool is available online and utilizes referenced citations for documentation and compliance. The tool provides documentation and helps ease compliance with USP <795> and <800> guidelines. Azurity’s Mitch G. Sobel, BS Pharm, RPh, MAS, FASHP, CPGx and Shama Patel, PharmD (have developed this tool with the aim of supporting improved patient care outcomes.

Azurity Pharmaceuticals
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Medication Management

Omnicell’s Autonomous Pharmacy vision integrates a comprehensive set of solutions across three key areas: automation designed to digitize and streamline workflows; intelligence that provides actionable insights to better understand medication usage and improve pharmacy supply chain management; and expert services that serve as an extension of pharmacy operations to support improved efficiency, regulatory compliance, and patient outcomes.

Through its vision of the autonomous pharmacy, Omnicell is developing a roadmap for a zero-error, fully automated medication management infrastructure where every dose of medication is viewed as a node on the network that carries valuable data about patients, inventory, and cost. During the ASHP Midyear meeting, Omnicell will showcase how it is helping to enhance patient safety, increase efficiency, lower costs, improve regulatory compliance, and address population health challenges.

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Automated Medication Dispensing

TouchPoint Medical has expanded its automated medication dispensing line with the next generation medDispense series, a product line that delivers a high level of dispensing options as well as increased security across one software platform. Supporting a series of automated dispensing cabinets, the system allows single-dose dispensing, single line item control, and bulk item storage. Its hardware range includes lockers for bulk storage as well as metered progressive drawers for higher security medication dispensing, such as controlled drugs. The software platform that drives all of the hardware units offers additional clinical modules for applications such as remote medication queueing, narcotics inventory management, and reporting and system administration.

TouchPoint Medical, Inc
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Medical-Grade Refrigerators

Helmer Scientific announces the launch of the Upright Laboratory, Pharmacy, and Blood Bank GX Solutions medical-grade refrigerators. GX Solutions are designed for unique, critical health care applications and offer optimized control in temperature, noise, and energy management. The expansion of GX Solutions to include all refrigerator models positions the line to meet current and future energy standards. Performance characteristics are achieved by using OptiCool cooling technology, pairing a variable capacity compressor and naturally occurring hydrocarbon refrigerants. GX Solutions are now available in models ranging from 5 cubic feet to 56 cubic feet.

Helmer Scientific
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