340B Trends

December 2019 - Vol.16 No. 12 - Page #20
Category: 340B Software

Despite recent attempts to limit the effectiveness of the 340B program, it remains a valuable asset in the effort to serve under- and uninsured patients. A majority of health systems rely on this program to stretch the scarce resources available for this vulnerable patient population. Program participation experienced a slight dip this year; nonetheless, expansion is projected to continue over the next 3 years as more mid- and large-sized facilities plan to join the 340B program for the first time.

After 5 years of increasing participation in the 340B program, this year saw a levelling off, with 58% of all hospitals enrolled in the program.

A majority of health systems participate in the 340B program, with strongest involvement occurring in the smallest and largest facilities.

Teaching facilities—both academic medical centers and community teaching hospitals—have the highest 340B participation rates.

The challenge of meeting 340B requirements is not a deterrent to program participation; rather, most facilities that have not enrolled do not believe they qualify for the program.



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