Trends in IV Workflow Management

February 2020 - Vol.17 No. 2 - Page #14

Buoyed by solid user satisfaction rates, IV workflow management tools are enjoying increasing growth in terms of both current adoptions as well as rates of implementations under consideration. Forty percent of those pharmacies without this important safety technology are now considering introducing IV workflow tools into the cleanroom, whereas 5 years prior, just 17% of facilities had IV workflow automation on their radar. It is notable that budget restrictions remain a significant impediment to adopting this technology.

Four out of every 10 facilities currently operating their cleanrooms without IV workflow management automation are planning to implement this technology. The bulk of these new implementations will occur in larger pharmacies; 63% of facilities with more than 200 beds are planning an IV workflow automation implementation. Nonetheless, it is notable that there is interest in these systems even among the smallest facilities.

A full 90% of users are satisfied with their IV workflow management tool, with just under three-quarters (72%) giving top marks to their vendor.

A variety of vendors are being considered as part of the purchasing process, with strong representation by BD, Baxter, Omnicell, and Grifols. The Other category denotes those facilities that are looking to their EHR functionality to provide IV workflow management automation.


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