CSTDs for Drug Preparation

April 2020 : State of Pharmacy Compounding - Vol.17 No. 4 - Page #28
Category: Closed System Drug-Transfer Devices (CSTDs)

Pharmacy’s commitment to safe compounding practices is quite evident in this year’s CSTD adoption rates within the cleanroom. The benefits of this technology are no longer realized solely by large facilities; rather facilities of all sizes have committed to CSTD utilization. While facilities with 400+ beds are expected to soon reach 100% implementation, smaller facilities are likewise closing in on this goal. As new and upgraded products continue to drive improvements in this marketplace, it is important for pharmacy to stay abreast of all options.

This year saw a continuation of strong CSTD adoption trends in the pharmacy. CSTD use in drug preparation has now passed the 90% mark.

The breadth of CSTD adoptions holds true across all facility sizes; adoption rates in smaller facilities are quickly approaching parity with their larger counterparts.

The number of facilities using CSTDs to extend BUDs is on the decline. This year, just 12% of CSTD users took this approach, down from 16% last year.

Equashield, B. Braun’s OnGuard, BD’s PhaSeal, and ICU Medical’s ChemoClave are the leading CSTDs in use.

Given pharmacy’s strong commitment to this safety technology, it is no surprise that CSTDs engender high satisfaction ratings; 90% of users assign top marks to their device.

For drug preparation, the leading CSTD vendor is BD, followed by Equashield, B. Braun, ICU Medical, and Baxter.

Among those facilities currently considering switching CSTD vendors and those looking to adopt a CSTD for the first time, Equashield, BD, ICU Medical, and B. Braun lead the vendors under consideration.


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