IV Workflow Management

April 2020 : State of Pharmacy Compounding - Vol.17 No. 4 - Page #36
Category: IV Workflow Management

For the first time, a majority of the largest facilities are now using IV workflow automation systems. The growth in this marketplace is expected to continue as a significant number of additional facilities have committed to adopting this key safety technology. Facility size continues to be a strong predictor of system adoption; nevertheless, it is important that facilities of all sizes commit to increasing automation in cleanroom production.

This year saw a strong jump in the number of adoptions of IV workflow management systems; one-third of all facilities now take advantage of this key safety automation.

Facility size continues to play a key role in system purchases. While this technology is utilized by a majority of the largest facilities (52%), such adoptions remain a minority practice in facilities with fewer than 400 beds. Nonetheless, there was a notable growth in adoptions among the smallest facilities this year. Facilities with fewer than 100 beds and those with 100-200 beds saw their adoption rates jump by 8 and 11 points, respectively.

Baxter’s DoseEdge continues to lead this marketplace, followed by Grifols’ PharmacyKeeper and BD Pyxis IV Prep. The Other category includes some facilities that leverage the functionality of their EHR to provide workflow management support.

Most users (96%) are satisfied with their IV workflow management system. However, only 23% garner excellent marks, suggesting there is room for further improvement in these systems.

Just over one-third (34%) of all facilities currently without an IV workflow management system are considering implementing one, down from 40% last year. It is notable that larger facilities (400+ beds) are more than twice as likely as their smaller counterparts to be considering an implementation.

BD, Omnicell, Baxter, and Grifols are receiving strong consideration from those pharmacy directors looking to implement IV workflow systems. The Other category includes those facilities looking to utilize the functionality in their EHR system to provide IV workflow oversight.


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