Expanding Outpatient Pharmacy

June 2020 - Vol.17 No. 6 - Page #24

Resurgent growth defines the current outpatient pharmacy marketplace. Outpatient operations are destined to become increasingly busy as pharmacy directors are committed to expanding the services offered through the outpatient pharmacy, and this growth is expected to drive a matching increase in automation investments to support outpatient efforts. Pharmacy has an unprecedented opportunity to implement creative services in this arena, from prescription kiosks for contactless delivery, to telehealth services, such as virtual MTM appointments.

There was an exuberant return to adding outpatient pharmacy operations throughout 2019. We expect to see outpatient pharmacy operations become a majority practice in the near future.

Expansion will be the hallmark of outpatient services over the next few years. Regardless of facility size, the vast majority of hospitals operating outpatient pharmacies plan to expand the types of services offered in that setting.

Following a dip in 2018, 2019 saw a surge in the number of facilities planning to expand their outpatient pharmacy services beyond their current offerings.


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