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One of the most immediate and ongoing issues highlighted by the COVID crisis is access to necessary PPE for healthcare workers. With shortages of crucial safety equipment, many organizations are struggling to meet demand for N-95 masks, and thus are considering processes for decontamination and reuse of masks.

Decontamination Services from TSS

The FDA has issued an EUA to Technical Safety Services (TSS) for the use of vaporized hydrogen peroxide (HP) to decontaminate compatible N95 respirators for multiple-user reuse by health care personnel. TSS has engineered and customized a scalable decontamination system for this process; all decontamination cycles will occur onsite or in a preferred central location with the ability to process up to 5000 masks per cycle in each CS-20 system. Two cycles per day can be run with each system, and the method is fully validated to consistently deliver a 6-log reduction in bioburden based on a minimum dosage of hydrogen peroxide per disinfection cycle. Decontamination will allow these important devices to be reused by health care personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, and a chain of custody and flow path has been created for each hospital to ensure a safely managed process. TSS will work with each organization to ensure they comply with local and national regulatory standards.

Mask Decontamination from EuroBio Concept

EuroBio Concept (EBC), a manufacturer of RABS for use in hazardous medication compounding, produces a unit that also provides an H2Ovapor decontamination cycle for added protection. This H2Odecontamination process can be used for masks or other equipment. For decontamination, EBC is able to obtain 99.9999% elimination of pathogens with a 6-log kill and 0 ppm residue with 35% H2O2 vapor after one cycle of 4 hours for approximately 300 masks. The system makes it possible to run three cycles daily to decontaminate approximately 1000 masks per 24 hours. The system uses a four-step process, including preparation, gassing, contact/dwell time, and aeration (using catalytic conversion to safely convert the H2Oto water vapor and oxygen). The unit is designed for easy installation by non-technical personnel. It comes with an installation manual, and a training video is offered.




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