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July 2020 - Vol.17 No. 7 - Page #1

There’s an antiquated, somewhat hackneyed punchline that often follows a tale of suffering— “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?” This is a cheap old joke, but whether you practice medicine in New York City or Dodge City, COVID-19 has invaded your world and “interrupted your play.” The degree to which this is true varies wildly across the country, but we all have been affected by this pandemic and it is difficult to discuss much else without at least acknowledging the terrible toll it has demanded.

That said, the show does go on. We must move forward, and the positive impact of all medical practitioners will remain terribly important to the health of our nation (as it has always been so). If you have questions on pharmacy practice related to COVID-19, unrelated, or tangential, we want to hear them and make every effort to answer them. As the true saying goes, “if one person has a question, likely others have the same.”

With this in mind, we offer up the following Q&A with Patti Kienle, a widely recognized expert on compounding safety:

Q: What is best practice for compounders using prescription eyeglasses while engaging in sterile compounding in an ISO 5 environment? Specifically, how should eyeglasses be cleaned and what support accessories are recommended to minimize frequent hand to face contact?
- Justin Kapke, PharmD
Rush University Medical Center

A: Like any item entering the cleanroom, glasses must be cleaned prior to entry. The easiest solution is to provide eyeglass cleaner packets with the other PPE. Ideally glasses would be cleaned prior to donning the mask and hair cover. It is important to note that poorly fitting glasses result in an increased risk of touch contamination as staff will repeatedly adjust their glasses. Remind staff to utilize appropriately adjusted glasses. Alternatively, consider attaching a sport strap to ensure a tight fit. Of course, the sport strap should also be wiped prior to entering the cleanroom.
- Patricia Kienle, RPh, MPA, FASHP
Director, Accreditation and Medication Safety
Cardinal Health

With best wishes for your continued health and safety,

R. Mitchell Halvorsen



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