Environmental Monitoring Trends

July 2020 - Vol.17 No. 7 - Page #20

It is concerning that environmental monitoring plans, while widespread, have yet to become universal practice. Nevertheless, environmental monitoring equipment garners a 99% satisfaction rating. Conversely, pharmacy assigns lower ratings to their own environmental monitoring processes; just 26% deem their processes to be excellent. As such, it is notable that almost one-third of US hospitals (31%) now rely on an outsourced provider to conduct their environmental monitoring.


While the number of facilities that have established an environmental monitoring plan continues to increase, the progression is ploddingly slow. Because environmental monitoring was a majority practice in 2008, it is quite surprising that 12 years hence, it still has yet to become universal practice.

Among those facilities without an environmental monitoring plan in place, most (71%) plan to implement this practice within the year. It is concerning that some facilities continue to compound without a plan to implement environmental monitoring.

While pharmacy typically maintains responsibility for the requisite environmental monitoring in the cleanroom, almost one-third of facilities rely on an outsourced services provider to conduct their environmental monitoring.


QI Medical continues to lead this marketplace, followed by Health Care Logistics, Hardy Diagnostics, and BD.

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