HD Spills

July 2020 : Hazardous Drug Handling - Vol. 17 No. 7 - Page #6

The importance of conducting a regular HD spill test in every area that HDs are handled cannot be overstated. The drill provides an opportunity to review best practices and correct any deficiencies in your staff’s response. During the drill, the efficacy of your spill kits will quickly become apparent. If supply supplementation is needed, be sure this is applied to every spill kit in the facility. Note that drills should be conducted during a quiet time so as not to alarm any patients or family members. While you may assign just a few staff members to “respond” to the drill, other staff members will benefit from observing this exercise.

The majority of facilities (63%) purchase HD spill kits and stock them in the facility without supplementing the kits’ contents. Given that many kits include just a single size of the various PPE, it behooves pharmacy to review the kit contents and supplement as needed. Consider including different sized gloves and gowns, for example, to accommodate every spill respondent.

While the number of facilities conducting annual spill simulations increased this year, the majority have yet to add this activity to their annual competencies. It is particularly notable that the receiving department is the least likely to benefit from spill drills, which sends a dangerous message that safety is less valued in this area.

Contec’s PeridoxRTU is the most commonly utilized decontaminant within the pharmacy cleanroom, followed by Cardinal’s Surface Safe, ChemoGlo’s HDClean, and Acute Care’s Pharma-Surface Guard.


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