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Survey Respondents

August 2020 - Vol.17 No. 8 - Page #6

PP&P’s 15th annual national survey of hospital pharmacy automation practices benefited from the informed participation of 362 pharmacy leaders who shared their insights into current automation usage, budget projections, planned technology purchases, and more. The data herein supports benchmarking efforts against like-sized facilities.

Most survey respondents also serve as active members of their P&T Committee.

Survey respondents hail from a cross-section of facility sizes.

Facility size has a strong impact on IT resources. While it is rare for larger hospitals to operate without a designated pharmacy informaticist, smaller facilities are less likely to enjoy this resource.

All too often the smallest facilities must operate without dedicated automation staff. Just 54% of hospitals with fewer than 100 beds have an automation staff member, and few of those are dedicated to automation on a full-time basis.

Hospitals with 101-200 beds are more likely to have a staff member who focuses on automation efforts, but in most cases these assignments are part-time as they have other responsibilities as well.

Facilities with 201-400 beds are increasingly committed to assigning full-time staff to automation responsibilities. In fact, 45% of these facilities utilize more than one FTE.

Automation resources are key to every large pharmacy operation, with most assigning multiple full-time staff to manage automation efforts.

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