Unit Dose Packaging Systems

August 2020 - Vol.17 No. 8 - Page #24

Given that the challenges to purchasing medications in bar coded unit dose are only increasing, pharmacy must have an efficient packaging operation in place that includes systemized solutions for manual repackaging. While there is growing interest in outsourced options, most repackaging continues to occur in-house. As such, pharmacy directors can benefit from the wide array of well-rated packaging vendors that serve this marketplace.

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There was no improvement this year in facilities’ ability to purchase medications in bar coded unit dose. While 70% of facilities purchase more than three-quarters of their medications in this format, just 3% are able to do so for all of their medications.

While larger facilities are more likely to purchase more than 90% of their medication inventory in bar coded unit dose, an increasing number of the smallest facilities are also doing so.

Most facilities (81%) dispense at least 96% of their medications in bar coded unit dose; nevertheless, facilities dispensing all of their medications in this format remain a minority.

A mere 4% of hospital pharmacies operate without a packaging operation.

Regardless of facility size, packaging operations are nearly ubiquitous in pharmacy.


While in-house repackaging is the norm, there is increasing interest among pharmacy directors in outsourcing at least some of their packaging needs in order to focus staff on other activities and preserve limited pharmacy space for other tasks.

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Manual packaging systems bring significant value to repackaging operations. While they are typically used for ancillary packaging needs, 3 out of 10 pharmacies use them for a majority of their packaging.

Pharmacy directors assign solid satisfaction ratings to the wide variety of vendors in the packaging arena.

Medi-Dose remains the market leader in the unit dose packaging marketplace, followed by Health Care Logistics, MPI, and Omnicell.

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