Syringe and IV Bar Coding

August 2020 - Vol.17 No. 8 - Page #32
Category: Syringe Bar Coding

Adding bar code labeling to syringes and IVs remains a manual process for many facilities. The impressive advances offered via IV robots have largely been enjoyed only by sizable facilities with significant IT resources. Looking ahead, most new implementations of IV robots will continue to be concentrated in facilities with 400+ beds.

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To date, just 5% of hospital pharmacies have taken a fully automated approach to syringe and IV bar code labeling via the adoption of IV robots.

The vast majority of robot installations have occurred in large facilities.

Manually attaching bar codes to syringes and utilizing a flag labeling system remain common practice.

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Omnicell currently leads this marketplace, followed by ARxIUM and Equashield’s new entry into this marketplace.

The vast majority of users (85%) are satisfied with this technology and this year saw a doubling in the number of users who deem their vendor to be excellent, reflecting strong satisfaction with recent system improvements.

While just 8% of facilities overall are considering implementing IV robotics, interest among the largest facilities is significantly stronger. Just over 2 out of every 10 facilities with 400+ beds are considering adopting IV robot automation.

Omnicell and Grifols are the leading vendors under consideration for those facilities looking to adopt IV robot systems.


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