Medication Tray Management

August 2020 - Vol.17 No. 8 - Page #36
Category: Medication Tray Management

With 28% of pharmacies planning to adopt this technology and 48% of users looking to expand the types of medications they track with these systems, this marketplace is expected to remain quite busy. Given the variety of highly rated products offered, pharmacy has no shortage of vendor choices.

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Slow but steady growth marks this automation category, with just under one-quarter of pharmacies having adopted an automated approach to increase the safety and efficiency of their medication tray systems.

While this technology shows an adoption rate of 23% overall, larger facilities have been adopting it at a more rapid clip. The automation of medication tray management is likely to become a majority practice among large facilities in the next few years.

Tray management vendors receive strong satisfaction ratings; 79% of users assign top marks to their chosen system. This high level of satisfaction translates into equally strong vendor loyalty.

Kit Check leads this category, followed by TraySafe and Intelliguard.

Reflecting the strong system satisfaction, almost half of all users (48%) plan to expand use of their system.

An additional 28% of pharmacies are planning to adopt this automation over the next 3 years.

In a continuing trend, mid-sized facilities have made a strong commitment to adopting additional technology in the pharmacy. In a new development, much of the future growth in this market will be driven by mid-sized facilities.

Those facilities planning to adopt medication tray management systems are typically reviewing 3 different vendors before making a decision. Kit Check, TraySafe, and Intelliguard receive strong consideration in this process.


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