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Medication Tracking Systems

August 2020 - Vol.17 No. 8 - Page #48

The benefits of automating medication tracking cannot be overstated. From better inventory management to freeing pharmacy staff from chasing down missing medications, this automation delivers a significant return on investment. Unfortunately, it has yet to be widely adopted in pharmacy. As the vendors in this marketplace receive solid satisfaction ratings, we expect to see an increase in new system adoptions over the next few years while current users also look to expand their systems.

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Hospital pharmacies enjoyed an increase in automated medication tracking adoptions this year; however, this automation has yet to benefit a majority of facilities. Most adoptions have occurred in large hospitals, while smaller facilities continue to track medications manually.

Academic medical centers, government-owned facilities, and community teaching hospitals have been the first to adopt medication tracking automation.

The 96% satisfaction rate is solidly impressive; nonetheless, few users rate their systems as excellent, suggesting the need to develop additional features within these systems.

RxScan, Kit Check, and PharmacyKeeper Carts are the leading vendors in the medication tracking arena. The Other category reflects those facilities that adapt their EHR to provide some medication tracking capabilities.

Reflecting the solid satisfaction ratings for automated medication tracking vendors, most users are actively planning to expand their system to cover additional medications.

The number of facilities planning to adopt an automated medication tracking system has increased by 20% over the past 2 years; 44% of all facilities are planning to implement a system over the next few years.

Kit Check, Pharmacy Keeper, and MedEx are the leading vendors under consideration in this marketplace. The Other category primarily represents those who utilize their EHR for medication tracking or have a homegrown solution.


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